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  • alohagirl808 - Great stroller!!!The things we love about this stroller...

    -the canopy is big and extends far and when that's not enough, we can push it forwars some so it still shades our daughter but leaves enough space where she can still see.
    -folds easily and collapses into a small footprint so there's more space in our trunk
    -easy recline
    -basket has enough room to store my medium size purse plus a couple of small items
    -My daughter like the bend bar
    -comfortable to push for both me and my husband
    -nice looking, easily to clean, good quality
    -small cup holder

    -tips overs backwards sometimes when we hang our diaper bag on the back and it's totally full (I mean very full and heavy with several bottles of water, snacks, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, etc) and our daughter is not sitting in it.

    We wanted a small lightweight stroller with better quality than a standard umbrella stroller, and this one is great. Would totally recommend.
  • JCossack88 - Best of ShowWhen I was thinking about getting a tablet I considered 3 options: The iPad 2, The Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Transformer Prime. To be honest I was almost dead set on the GTab 10.1, because it had allshare so I could watch television on my tablet, but I decided to go with this tablet instead. I have had it for about a week so I will tell you what I love, and what I don't.

    The Good:
    1. IPS+ screen is beautiful. I have never had a brightness issue, and I mainly work outside and I use my tablet all day. It has many brightness settings so you will never have to find a dark area again.
    2. Dock station. The keyboard dock is a must for anyone that is going to be doing word processing, massive web use, or needs more battery. The keyboard is awesome and feels very nice. I also like how thin it is when it is closed. Also, because it attaches and detaches I know I won't lose it.
    3. Battery life. I am getting well more than a full day of use out of the tablet (with the dock). I work from 7-5 every week day, and use it in the morning to catch up on my news, listen to music, and watch videos. During the workday I use it for about an hour to read over my appointments, create to-do lists, and jot down notes. On my drive home I do some homework for another hour. As soon as I get home I finish my homework and immediately use youtube, netflix, and the web. Now by the time I go to bed (usually around midnight) I have about 90% on the tablet and 30% battery on the dock, so you will never have to find a plug anywhere. But if you just use the tab, you may need a mid day short charge, and it should last well throughout the day.
    4. Camera. I own an Epic 4G from Sprint, so this camera is wayyyy better than my phone. It captures images in full 1080p. I also like the camera app this device comes with. Every control is right under your thumb so you never have to move around the screen, which has been great. I do not take a lot of pictures with my tablet, but when I do it is good to know I have a great option.
    5. Built in office suite. The TFPrime comes with Polaris office, which is a full office suite, with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation builder. They save in microsoft office formats so you can do everything from your tablet. The tab also has a file manager in it, so if you are a student and need to locate your documents to send, you can find them easily in the file manager. This tablet has completely replaced my laptop due to this feature alone.
    6. Speaker. I was a little sceptic about the single speaker in the back, but I found that it is amazing! It is very loud and you do not really need to cup your hand to transfer the noise to the front (unless there is a lot of background noise around you).
    7. Processor. The Tegra-3 Quad core processor is blazing fast! I saw the video from c-net that said the iPad 2 was better, but its not, there is no slowing this tablet down. I even had 15 programs open at once and noticed no change in the speed. transferring between screens on other tablets is very slow, but the screen changes in real time now that I have this one.

    The Bad:
    1. Wifi connection: My specific model (which is a C series serial number), has had some issues connecting to wifi. It has only happened twice in the past week, but usually if I just squeeze the top while trying to connect it will connect (which I should not have to do, but it is better than nothing).
    2. Finger prints. You will get fingerprints EVERYWHERE on this thing. The screen, the body, the bottom....everywhere. But it comes with a cleaning cloth that is very very very durable, and I noticed that if you clean it right away, you won't have a problem. But if you wait to clean it, you may find it harder to clean. If not, you can just use a little water on your finger and wipe it clean.

    If you are thinking about getting this or an iPad you should seriously consider your options. Many people that have iPhones and iPads love my tablet. Mostly because iOS does not have widgets or scrollable wallpapers. Also, you can download many different keyboard apps to help on screen typing to become much easier by using just your thumbs. Also, take into consideration the aspect ratio. The iPad is a 4:3 and this tablet is a 16:4. 4:3 is old square screen (back from the turn of the century), so if you view a lot of widescreen material, which is most media now a days, you will be diassapointed viewing on the iPad, because it will leave two big black bars on your screen (which ultimately makes the image smaller). If you ever watch some commericials on HD channels, some of the commercials are not in HD format so you will notice two black bars on each side of the screen, that is what the iPad is. So when it does view HD or widescreen media, it is not full screen (which annoys me, and is why I decided against the iPad). On this, widescreen is the format, so there are no black bars.