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  • tamxoxo - Finally, some peace of mind!I have three beautiful Siberian Huskies who LOVE to run! If I fail to latch a door or gate, they are sure to expose my error every time! lol Since I have invested in a TAGG Pet tracker for each of my "kids", I don't worry about not knowing when or if they get out of my home area. I will recieve an email AND text telling me which dog got out of the area, I go directly to my app on my phone, open it up and it will show me in real time where exactly my "kid" is! It seems that daily I see facebook postings of dogs lost and can't be found, my heart breaks for these families. When and if their dog is found, I always recommend that they get one of these. If you take into account the time you spend looking for your dog, the grief it causes you and the family, the cost it could run if the dog is injured, the fees it costs to get your dog out of doggy jail (spca), it is so worth the money to purchase this!
  • NYGL6511 "nygl" - Definitely works for appetite control!I have used one bottle about 6 pills a day. 3 in the morning and 3 in the late afternoon and I absolutely felt less desire to eat anything! I have been off of it now for 2 weeks and definitely can feel the difference. It doesnt help with just shedding pounds it helps with your appetite.