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  • C. G. King - Best price, best coverageI've used other security packages and far prefer Norton for several reasons. I was about to buy my new version at a store, then checked Amazon on my phone and couldn't believe the price difference. Consequently I ordered the product here. I was at the end of my last installation so was extra pleased when the product was Prime delivered the next day! Can't beat that.

    I like Norton because although like all the security packages it slows startup a little, it's the least painful. I like that when I'm on the internet, it shows me which sites are Norton approved before I go to them. It checks all new product installs too. It does its background scans unobtrusively, reminds me about backups and when my latest version is nearing the end of my year long install period. I find renewing online more expensive than buying a new package at the store and don't want to download it anyway due to the data limit on my internet usage. I'd rather have the disk especially since I have multiple computers.

    All in all, Norton has met all my needs well and at the price listed here on Amazon at the time of my purchase it was too good a deal to pass up.
  • Norelle Hunt - Eye opening and practicalThis book made a huge difference for my husband who was suffering from a bad case of ulcerative colitis. Her approach is so sensible and based in science, it's a mind bender why doctors are not utilizing her knowledge. Within a few days of following the diet suggested, my husband had a great improvement in his symptoms. I'm recommending this book to all my friends who have "stomach problems" and those who have lactose intolerance.
  • Howlin Walker - True Love...I was young and impertinent, as I arched a brow at the package in my hand. BIC Cristal For Her? I scoffed and haughtily tossed my raven hair over my shoulder, sending it cascading down my back. I threw down the package and reached for the strong and thick man-pen which had always satisfied me. It's girth reassured me that IT was in control, and I gave myself over to my passion. I hardly knew myself as I boldly uncapped it's man-hood sheath with my mouth, holding it firmly in my teeth. As I fondled the throbbing spear of plastic, my page was filled with the hot, wet ink of its love. But alas, its arousal was too great, and spewed ink in a rage, covering my quivering mounds. Shocked and hurt at this betrayal, I vowed never to hold a turgid man-shaft pen in my hands again. Somewhat humbled, I picked up the BIC Cristal For Her package and delicately eased a slender, pastel pen from its hot sleeve of love. The silken warmth of its body against my fingers sent delightful shivers up my arm and down to my secret nest of desire. We have been together happily ever since.
  • Professor L "QuakerProf" - Khan You Believe It?First, potential buyers should be sure that they get the correct version of this product. When I first ordered it, the product that arrived was Plutonium, not Uranium. Well, let me tell you, Plutonium pellets and aluminum gas centrifuges do NOT mix! Boy, did we have a laugh over that little mixup; at least the survivors, I mean. Now that I reordered the product, destroyed the first facility, and ... well, the scientists are not a problem, I'm back in business!

    Thanks, Amazon! I'll be referring all of my friends!