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  • Razvan - Very good quality for the priceI bought this to upgrade my new notebook, Lenvo Edge E431. It was very easy to install it.
    Before buying it, I checked on the website to see which ssd could be compatible.
    I did some tests, and the speeds are 3-4 times bigger than the ones of the hdd (500GB, 7200rpm, SATA3). My notebook boots in Win8 Pro in under 10 seconds (average 5-7 seconds).
  • Realaries - So easy to operateI knew nothing about tablets but went with a brand I trust. I've now got the hang of things and have found it so handy to take away from home. I now leave my lap top at home except when I travel. And a great camera, even I can take beautiful pictures.
  • Henry Tubbs - US COINS 2012Bought "US Coins 2012-Red Book" by RS Yeoman in Oct 2011.65th edition.
    If you are a beginning collector of US Coins this is a fine book to have before purchasing any items. Used as a reference manual-it provides pictures of fronts and backs of coins,gives you warnings about possible fraudalent coins that appear on the market and provides you with estimated values of the coins. Unfortunately,with the volitility of the US Gold market as we speak, the gold coin pricing can be substantialy under estimated in the book. Some coins are priced right, but you must be up on latest values by seeking advice from other up-to-date sources online.

    One other thing that the book has is that is good is that it gives a history of older coins and how they came about. It also provides the reader with size dimensions and weights of coins which can help determine value.
    Overall, this is a must book for anyone dealing with US Coin collecting.
  • Troutbum - This is coolIt came very quickly and well packaged with a battery.Once installed a little fiddly for fat fingers like mine just push the buttonand the windows light up for about 15-20 seconds before going out automatically.Best of all, being a bit of a scrooge at christmas only because I don't like the clutter of all the decorations in and around the house This irks my wife because it has nothing to do with christmas and I hung it right in the front center of the tree.