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  • Phillip Barak - As good as ever!Bought this download version as a one-day special from Amazon for $19.99, even less than last yr. It downloaded and installed exactly as described, the key code worked perfectly to get my copy running, and it read in last yr's file. True, H&R Block tries to upgrade you to a more expensive version (as many companies do) and it charges an add'l fee to efile a state return, but as long as you're expecting that (and it was that way last yr), then it's as good as ever.
  • Charissa M. Welsh - LOVE MY PRIME!I've named her Aces, and I take her with me everywhere! This is my absolute favorite piece of tech equipment EVER, and I'm a major techno-weenie! My only problem was trying to inert a micro SD card. I put it in wrong and was afraid I would damage the machine. Other than that, it's light and fast and the screen resolution is fabulous! I watch movies on it, read books, and play games wherever I go. This tablet has been my daily companion. I can't say enough about how much I love this thing, but I'll stop now anyway.
  • Dudley Ristow "books4me" - Life pays you out....don't you find?Mantell's "Bring Up the Bodies" is an excellent account of Thomas Cromwell's service to his King in the last 10 months of the reign of the 1000 day Queen, Anne. Whenever I recall my favourite quote "there is only two tragedies in life; the one is not getting what you want and the other is getting it" my mind jumps to the life of Anne Boleyn. Mantell's book first eases into the rumour of trouble in the royal marriage and court gossip of flirtation and then after the miscarriage of Anne's second go at giving the King a male heir it implodes into a hasty process of gathering "evidence" to expedite the elimination of the woman he tore England apart for. Especially brilliant is the author's account of Cromwell's interrogation of those accused of conduct unbecoming with the Queen - he auto-suggests occurrences where passions over-rode innocent intent whilst promising to plea to the King for a less than cruellest punishment to them and their families. In Cromwell's dedication to giving the King what he wanted he failed to heed his own truism "Life pays you out, don't you find?" to Norris, one of the accused.