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  • Pamela Robison - HONESTLY love it.This book has changed my domestic life. I only use the cleaning products in my house and got so many awesome recipes that are too easy! I let my colleague use it and she wont give it back because she is addicted to it too! It makes you want to have a healthier lifestyle and home. I highly recommend. You will dog ear pages to refer back to them again and again.
  • jamie - 32 GB Micro SD CardI have this device installed on my tablet and use it to store documents and pictures therefore leaving the tablet memory available for other apps. It's a lovely device.
  • monitormel - Pendergast I presume...Five stars .... Because I can dance to it ! *****
    I always enjoy reading any Preston & Child collaboration and even their solo efforts respectively . Another great and entertaining read on the road ! I think Pendergast might have surpassed Repairman Jack and Sandman Slim as my favorite continued series character.
    Thanks guys for keeping me entertained in many a long flight , tour bus ride from hell and Overlook Hotel stay.
  • Kishh - Im the prizeThis book was very helpful in so many ways! I just came out of a terrible realtionship, the tips from this book helps me to realize that u teach a person how to treat u. If we accept and allow guys to treat us badly, then thats what they will do. Well not any more. I have the power!! Highy recommened:)
  • avid reader - Good translation, but original Hebrew text more nuancedI own exactly eight books and exactly five of them are on exactly this topic, as the successful avoidance of huge ships is sort of a hobby of mine. So, yeah, I'm kind of an expert. Good book. Sound advice, if a bit repetitive. I'm looking forward to the movie.

    I should mention that the five books I already have on this subject are also by this author. They're all part of his "The Chronicles of Narnia and Avoiding Huge Ships" series. You probably should read them in chronological order (by publication date) otherwise you'll be lost in a sea of characters and locations--or literally lost in a sea, at risk of bumping into huge ships.

    Anyway, the other books in the series are:

    * "Who Should Avoid Huge Ships"
    * "What Huge Ships Should One Avoid"
    * "When to Avoid Huge Ships"
    * "Where to Avoid Huge Ships"
    * "Why To Avoid Huge Ships"