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  • Beverly B. Nuckols "hocndoc" - Of Course Ann's RightMs. Coulter is opinionated, but her opinions tend to be correct as well as Right-winged. She gives examples and clear arguments to back her position. The logic and progression of her thought process is remarkable.

    Don't worry if you are a regular reader of Ms. Coulter's columns and books. There is no repetition from her previous books, and the book contains previously unpublished columns and commentary. I was impressed with the timeliness of even the columns written years ago. The essay honoring John F. Kennedy, Jr. shows a good heart and the correct priorities of the author.

    I am reading the print version of the book now, after having listened to the unabridged version 2 weeks ago, followed by Maher's "If You Ride Alone" and The Daily Show's "America." The journey through these 3 works was an excellent review of popular works on political opinion in the US, today. Going from one to the other, and in that order, was like starting at the top and falling downhill through decreasing logic, documentation, examples, and clarity (and purity) of language. (There would be little left of the last if the F-word were removed.)
  • Keeka - AMAZINGThe First-Aid 2011 book (which shipped extremely fast in December 2010) is an amazing supplement to any basic sciences curriculum aimed at preparing medical students for the USMLE step 1. It contains important information on the exam and a good compilation of high-yield topics to focus on and knowledge to reaffirm.
  • Lisa Dayley - A riveting readAs someone who had followed Ms. Smart's ordeal from day one, I was quite interested in reading her book. I had also read the book she and her parents wrote as well as the court reports that detailed her suffering. I wondered how she would ever tell her story and she's done an excellent job here. I cried with her during those lost chances to rescue her and celebrated when she was finally rescued. What really strikes me about this young woman is her resilience and ability not to become bitter setting an incredible example for all of us and especially for those sorely mistreated. She seems to have forgiven her captor and to have moved on with her life. I was especially impressed with her ability to thank God for the times He did intervene and for her willingness to serve her church on a mission. Once again the resilience and forgiveness shine through this young woman.
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs help in overcoming difficulties and not letting one set of events define or destroy you. I look forward to hearing more from Ms. Smart in the years to come and truly believe she has a mission here to help young kidnap and assault victims overcome difficulty
    Lisa Dayley
    author of "The Frozen Trail."