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  • Ali Julia - Easy to fit into my routineMy first experience with electric nerve and muscle stimulator came after I had back surgery, the device was called TENS unit. It was used as part of rehabilitation process by the physical therapists. The Flexbelt is quite similar to TENS unit that I am familiar with except it is shape like a belt.

    The goal of the Flexbelt is to stimulate muscles and cause a muscle contraction. The belt can be worn while you do something else, such as sit at your desk or do chores. The feeling of contracting muscles is somewhat odd, but not unpleasant, and once you know what to expect you get used to it. Muscle contraction is exercise for the muscles, so they can be sore the next day the same way if you exercised the "old fashioned" way. This does not happen in the beginner sessions, but as I progressed in the programs I began feeling this.

    The belt works through three electrodes covered by gel pad stickers that helps conduct signals from the belt to the muscles. The belt needs to be worn over the bare skin around the waist. The belt has markings for people with different frames. The sizes are small for people with fits waist side 24"-31", medium 32"-40", and large 41"-47". The fit is important as the side electrodes need to fit over obliques. A tip on removing the plastic from sticky tapes: the plastic cover for the back side of the pad is made out of two pieces, and the plastic is easier to remove if you start from the middle (see attached photo).

    The signals from the belt cause contractions that flex the abdominal muscles. The belt has a fairly large number of programs built in. Some are for beginners, most are the advanced programs once you gain experience for variety and muscle confusion. I started with a beginner that lasts 20 minutes. I have been using it 3 times a week and progress in the length and level I can tolerate comfortably.

    Flex Belt is the next generation of Slendertone belt, it has a number of new features compared to the older model and a higher price tag.

    The belt comes with a handy pouch which you can use to store the belt between sessions. Each gel pad can be reused 20 times, after that you will need to purchase additional pads. I found a great tip from "Alex-Chris 1970, 78412" who said that the pads ware out where they make contacts, and he was able to extend the life of the pads by adding 1 inch by 2 inch strip of foil on the pack of the pad to extend the surface area of the contact.

    I was provided with an evaluation sample for an honest review from a non-athletic type of a person. My expectations were that this belt will help me tone abdominal muscles which in turn is helpful for my back health. I did not expect that the belt alone would make me loose weight and have a flat stomach. After three weeks of use I feel that the belt met that goal and my back is feeling better from stronger muscles supporting it. The belt use was easy to fit in into my schedule and I will continue to use it.

    Ali Julia review
  • V. Palomera - Does the JobI have been using this product every other month or so for the past 2 yrs. I know some people have rated that it is no good, my experience with this product has been great. I take the pills in the morning and before bed as directed and I do not feel bloated as i would when i do not take the pill. Sure when you first begin taking them you are going to feel weird, by weird i mean upset stomach and possibly (depending on the person) diarrhea. People have to understand it's meant to CLEANSE it is not a magical pill, you do have to do some exercise and drink plenty water to see results. Also good when taken with the fat burner. Hope this helps possible purchasers.
  • H. Fox - Great set for a great priceI already had Lichtspielhaus, the previous Rammstein music video collection, but it ended at the Mutter era. It also lacked "Making Of" documentaries for most of the videos. This set has all of their current videos, and a documentary for each one. Unlike Lichtspielhaus, it contains no other features, just the music videos and documentaries, no live performances or promos spots.

    Also, don't be alarmed if one of the DVDs fell out of the holder during shipping, it shouldn't be scratched, if it is, return it and hope for the best.
  • LOLITA - BEST. BINDER. EVER.I have been looking for a solution to some of our classification and filling problems and then... Our esteemed presidential candidate has enlightened me so much over the benefits and the usability of the Avery ring binder that I felt compelled to purchase one for my husbad. I have to admit, I have been a binder outsider for most of our marriage, never making it home to cook dinner and just generally being very disobedient. I confess to even going as far as to try and control my own body without regard to what the politicians think I should be doing. For far too long I have been disregarding all their wishes and dictates, not sure why since they seem to know so much better than I do what I should or shouldn't be doing, of course as a woman I am completely lacking the qualifications that would enable me to make an informed decision.
    And to make matters worse, when my traitorous body decided of its own accord not to shut down a rape, I even went as far as to... oh how can I even say it? But yeah, I did it... with the benefit of the amazing transvaginal ultrasound that my elected official felt was necessary and required in such a case.
    I have also been known to avoid the religious settings and stuff myself with birth-control pills as any other godless, worthless female might do, so I am ready to repent.
    But I digress...
    After purchasing the binder, my husband found several suitable candidates to be added in. One committed to being home in time to cook dinner, another one committed to cooking, another one committed to taking care of the children, another committed to his needs and so on and so forth.
    I feel that our family unity has improved so much and I rather enjoy having all my sister wives tied in a binder with me, I feel we are now keeping with the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and we are well on our way to proving our worth. The celestial marriage should seal us together for all eternity so that we may all become godesses if our HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER will find us worthy to be called into heavens by our secret name. Thank you, thank you, I bow down to you, mighty HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER!
    Next steps? Purchasing some "magic underwear" and trying to find one of these fancy, big and special lapel pins for hubby's suit then climbing to the 1% since the 47% has been getting rather crowded lately, there are also too many binder women in this category so I feel the stress of the competition.
    Thank you Mr. presidential candidate for making such amazing decisions for me and my family, thank you for the binder idea which has so enriched and fundamentally changed our lives!