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  • Heath R Bradley - One of the most important books on the subjectMost people who have been participating in or following the church's debate on same-sex relationships for a good stretch of time may despair over yet another book on the subject. Is there any more that can be said? Before reading James V. Brownson's Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate on Same-Sex Relationships, I would have been inclined to answer in the negative. After reading it, though, I can honestly say that he makes a fresh contribution to the discussion in a couple of different ways.

    First, although he draws from and synthesizes a wide range of previous biblical scholarship, Brownson's lucid and engaging writing style, along with the systematic arrangement of the book as a whole, enables the reader to understand this scholarship with greater depth and clarity than is presented in most treatments of the subject.

    Second, this work is the only one I know of that gives such extended attention to dissecting and deconstructing arguments against same-sex relationships based on "gender complimentarity." Brownson clearly defines the different ways of understanding what is at the heart of different gender complimentarity arguments, and then proceeds to dismantle these arguments through very careful and close readings of the relevant biblical texts, especially Genesis 1-3. His critical interaction with the complimentarity arguments of Robert Gagnon, who has written the strongest and most comprehensive work for the traditional view, is worth the price of the book.
  • Delee "Debz" - 1st month regular!I bought this probably a year ago and it has just been sitting in my cabinets because im so bad with taking anything. well i finally started using it because i was so sick of having wacky periods. i started to take it the 1st day of my cycle. and actually i didnt even finish them but let me tell u, i have never had fertility signs in my life! this month i had eggwhite CM and also I ovulated and had a posative OPK. and 30 days later my period came. I know I didnt get pregnant off of it. could be because i didnt BD on my ovulation day but im just happy i got my AF on time. And its funny i dont even have menstral cramps or bloatingness like i usually do. i dont know if it was the pill or what but i love them enough to use them just to get my period on time.
  • Manny Hernandez "@askmanny" - Shirky captures the essence beyond the hypeReading this book by Clay Shirky is a reaffirmation of the brilliant thoughts he shares during his keynotes all over the place.

    This book is not about specific technologies, though you will find many enabling platforms mentioned and exemplified. Neither does it offer a framework for businesses and individuals to follow, to embrace Web 2.0 and the new social internet, though his chapter titled "Promise, Tool, Bargain" comes close to offering a roadmap for the times ahead.

    Shirky captures in "Here Comes Everybody" the essence beyond the hype, the fundamentals that make this technological revolution we're in the middle of a turning point in history.
  • CuffyGirl - Fabulous Cookbook - 5 stars!!!This book is by far the BEST cookbook I have bought in 16 years of marriage. I wish I had this book then, it would have saved me a ton of money buying a ton of other cookbooks. Ree Drummond covers EVERYthing! Step by step instructions for every recipe too. Just a fabulous cookbook (and a great read).
  • B. H. Becker - Brilliant, entertaining, humorous, and just perfect!I am in awe of Jess Walter and his writing talent. In Beautiful Ruins he takes numerous disparate characters and stories and manages to tie them together perfectly in a book that I was sorry to see end. I resisted reading this book for a long time, sure that it couldn't live up to the hype. I finally gave in, sure that I wouldn't like it, but I was amazed at Walter's ability to make me care about nine characters over five decades and two continents in situations both ludicrous and serious. This book includes a dying Hollywood starlet, an Italian who runs the Hotel Adequate View, a book (chapter) within the book, an over-the-top Hollywood producer along with excerpts from his self-help book, his cynical assistant who has seen too much of the worst of Hollywood, Richard Burton, and the infamous pitch for the movie Donner!, all written perfectly, with incredible observance, detail, and depth, and with enough humor to make you laugh out loud.

    Beautiful Ruins is entertaining, but not lightweight or frivolous. I think it's mainly about fame/infamy, finding meaning in a world of junk culture, love, and loss. I feel lucky that I've never read anything by this author and can look forward to reading much more from the brilliant mind of Jess Walter.