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  • D. Hall - Great for menI originally bought this in my tanning salon. It was one of the few tanning lotions that did not smell feminine or was geared towards females. It has a nice smell that smells a little masculine and it works very well. It gives me a darker glow, but it is a natural glow. It doesn't turn my skin orange or make me look like those douchebags on Jersey Shore. It also dries very quickly so it's not messy. I highly recommend this for the male tanners. It is cheap and works as well as the more expensive tanning lotions.
  • Alex Carlson - great tablet for the priceThis tablet works great for general every day use. The refurbished model looks and works as though it were brand new. If you are looking for a tablet for work and play but want to some half the price of an iPad, the Galaxy Tab2 10.1 is a great choice
  • Bernie - I got my GED with this bookI should start by saying that every person may have different results, I will talk about my own experience.
    First of all, English is my second language (and not the best), I have a high school diploma from my country, dated 1991, I went to the university and I have something equivalent to a Bachelor Degree in Science from 1997.
    I wanted to get a GED as a personal goal and to get an idea about the basic education system of the United States, now that I got it, I am thinking to get a college degree.
    To get the GED you must have a basic (very basic) knowledge of mathematics, science, social studies, reading and writing, in my case, the most difficult was the writing, because of the essay, but it was difficult because of my limited English, the topics of social studies and science, in my opinion are general culture, for mathematics you need to practice, so you don't forget what you are learning with the book.
    If you follow the instructions on this book, you will pass the 5 tests. This book will tech you how to pass the tests (how to crack it), it is not perfect, I found a couple of errors, but I won't complaint about it.
    My scores: reading = 800, science = 710, math = 660, social studies = 600 and writing = 550.
    As I said before, results may vary, I used the kindle version, I have a full time job and a family, I was not able to dedicate a lot of time to this book, I will say about 3-4 hours per week, the week before the test I did like 10 hours. I bought this book on June 02, I took the test (computer test, no paper) on August 1 and 2, and I received my diploma today, August 15.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the GED, please keep in mind that the GED test will change in 2014, so this book is good for the current version of the test.
  • zorba - Wonderful People, Wonderful PlaceThe books in Smith's "Ladies' Number 1 Detective Agency" series are a treasure. When you read the first page of any of them you are transported to a wondrous society where almost everyone is nice, where old values predominate, where courtesy and dignity prevail, where subtle humor and timeless wisdom frame everyday life. It's not a fairy land -- it's Botswana. And Smith writes of this magic place with love and familiarity. As in the earlier books, this one is peopled with wonderful characters, each with a unique character and each having the strengths and weaknesses of the human animal. But the REAL magic is in how Smith structures his stories and builds in suspense and insight in such a fashion that the reader is totally entranced. This series started off excellent and has improved with each book, although I must say this one, albeit a wonderful book, is not the best of the series. But no matter. The "#1 Ladies" books are classics and will remain so for a long time. Each is a gem and each takes you away, for ever so short a time, from our crazy world and puts us in a place where sanity reigns. This book is no exception