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  • binder baby - Mitt MisunderstoodI must apologize to Mitt. I thought he was referring to the qualifying gear required of women for professional positions in the 1950s - the old reliable "hinder binder." Indeed those girdles neatly handled the battle of the feminine bulge and also provided protection from the frequent fanny slap. Still, I know Mitt misses the good old days of well binded girls fetching the coffee or Mormon tea. Some of those must still exist in the all-white Avery.
  • A. Kubacki - Great ProductMy doctor recommended this product, and after almost three weeks, I have to say that I do feel better. I am more comfortable and going more normally. With IBS, this is not often the case. I would recommended this product to anyone with IBS.
  • Liz Promer "Liz" - What took so long?Finally- FINALLY! People are FINALLY beginning to wake up! I love seeing the looks on the faces of all the neigh-sayers. Not so "ridiculous" now, huh? Some people say this book is too late; that too many people had to face this problem head-on before the world started to actually listen. I say anytime is the right time, and I'd like to take it a step further. Let's ban these huge "assault" ships. There's no reason why anyone should want or need ships like these. Leave them for the military. Make this a safer world for our children, one where they won't have to live in fear. Of huge ships.
  • Ashlee Ranabargar - Double the fun!Loooooove this stroller!!! haha! We have only used it now a few times but I am in love!! Strolls nice and smooth, easy to turn. Both girls fit comfortably in the seats. LOVE the straps! Some strollers have crappy straps but this one is great! The only thing I have to say is I was needing a third seat as I have 2 one year olds and a 6 month old. So I bought a universal third seat that hooks onto the back. I wish Britax would make their jump seat for their double stroller as well. I would have preferred to have their jump seat rather than buying a different brand. All in all LOVE this stroller and I think it will work for us for years to come!!
  • iceman936 "PITT Reviewer" - Believe What You've Heard - This Thing is AMAZINGI'm hoping this review will help with my fellow 'on-the-fencers' out there.

    I was debating whether I wanted to buy this Shark Navigator or a new similarly-priced Hoover and I'm definitely glad I went with the Shark! I'm going to admit up front that I just got this vacuum and thus cannot speak to the long-term reliability (though I'm sure with a 7-year warranty, it must be good!), but instead this review will focus on my initial impressions.

    For comparison's sake, I vacuumed the room with my couple-years-old Hoover just prior to vacuuming it again with my new Shark Navigator.

    -Picks up everything you see, and EVERYTHING you CAN'T see! As stated above, I already vacuumed the room with the Hoover I was replacing. After vacuuming a space roughly 8x8 with the Shark, I had already filled the dust container to the max fill line! I had no idea my carpets were that dirty, as I couldn't see any of the dirt that was trapped within. It was gross, really, but I was simply amazed at how well this Shark Navigator worked! I went over the same area again and finished the rest of the room and managed to fill the container a second time! AMAZING!
    -Revitalizes carpets. My carpets were not only cleaner after vacuuming, but they looked nearly new again! The rolling brush on the Shark fluffed up my worn carpets so much that they looked like-new, which was an awesome bonus.
    -Semi-self propelled. No, this isn't a self-propelling vacuum, but with the rollers on, you'll notice a slight pull forward which makes it easier to push. Again, a nice bonus.
    -Very quiet! Unlike my Hoover, you can actually carry a conversation while vacuuming with the Shark - it's that quiet! Probably 1/2 to 3/4 the volume of the Hoover.
    -Lightweight. Probably weighs 3-8lbs less than my Hoover, and a couple pounds less than most of the current competition.
    -Great Transition. Transitioning from carpet to tile on this thing is a breeze, as the button to turn the rollers on/off is conveniently located right on top on the handle, not down on the bottom like most other vacuums.
    -Smaller base width. Some may see this as a CON/negative because it takes longer to vacuum a given area, but I saw this as a positive because it can get into tighter spots much easier, such as underneath/around legs of chairs, in corners, etc. Much easier to maneuver than my Hoover, which had a vacuuming base easily 4 inches wider than the Shark.
    -Works on area rugs and shoe rugs. The Hoover was completely unable to pull the ground-in grass, dirt, and whatnot from my shoe rug, but with the rollers on (the Hoover also had rollers by the way) the Shark cleaned it in only one pass!)

    -At least for the first time you vacuum each room, you'll fill up the dirt container rather quickly, as it's smaller than the competition and picks up so much more than the competition. Simple math says it's going to fill more quickly, so you'll have to empty it sooner. Kind of a weak CON, I know, but a still a CON.
    -Attachments aren't, well, attached. The Shark comes with a bag to put the extra attachments in as only a few actually attach to the vacuum when not in use. It's inconvenient to have to retrieve them from the seperate bag, but on the bright side it cuts down on the weight of the vacuum when those attachments aren't being used. Weak CON.
    -Pet Hair Roller is huge! I expected something much smaller but instead the powered roller is probably 6 inches wide (not exact). It won't fit in tight areas, but you'll be able to vacuum up hair off a couch or chair much more quickly. Again, a weak CON.
    -No auto-rewind coord. This is a feature on some of the similarly-priced Hoovers, and the Shark doesn't have it. Weak CON.
    -Only comes in purple. I'm a guy. Blue would be better, but I understand the desire to differentiate the product based on color.

    As you can see, the PROS by far outweigh any of the CONS I listed, especially because the CONS can be seen as positives as much as they are negatives.

    If you're on the fence, JUMP and buy this Shark! You won't be disappointed!