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  • LOVE IT - Great tool for anyone to learn Civil 3DFor anyone looking for a quick and on point brush up, or just to learn how to work your way around Civil 3D. Back in college, besides a freshmen graphics class, and computer Apps, there was not really much time to learn this program. Let just say, in two weeks I learned and master Civil 3D!! Get it you will as well.
  • MohaMAD - Mitt's BinderThank you, thank you my fellow Americans and, or course women. Eight months ago when I began my mission to be the future President of the United States' personal binder I knew, without a doubt, I was in the right hands. Today I express my gratitude for Mitt allowing me on this national stage. From my "white" plastic cover to my secure metal binder rings I share your appreciation for my contents. Within me there are pictures and names of women whom I'm sworn to never disclose to Ann Lois. To her my contents are the Golden Tablets. Golden Tablets never to seen by women but I, the official "White" binder, assure you no women photographed, photo shopped, undressed in my pages ever said NO to Mitt. Not one woman said, "Mitt, I have to leave to cook my family's dinner. Not one women with a 48 and above chest size said I am under paid. Not one woman in these pages want personnel birth control paid as a health insurance benefit. Every woman contained within my "White" binder covers agrees with everything Mitt allows them to agree with. One more thing, I personally wish to thank Mitt for having select few "Qualified" women. Without this courtesy I would be replaced by a Chinese IPad counterfeit. My name's Mitt's Binder - purchase me.
  • J. A. Jaszewski "teruin" - Perfect Toy For Our Little Girl! <3We bought this for our 3 month old daughter for Christmas. It keeps her occupied for quite a while, longer than smaller individual toys like rattles or stuffed animals. One of the reasons we bought this toy is that we want her to play piano someday and thought this would be a great early exposure for her along with learning cause and effect (black keys are just decoration, only the white keys trigger music when hit). The piano has two different music settings (single note setting better for cause/ effect learning, two note setting for longer lasting songs; each setting has it's own music) We have started putting her on the mat to play after her bath (if she's not hungry) since she doesn't quite like bath time yet and this is a little positive experience for her afterward. Toys can easily be changed with any other ringed toy if you want to mix things up a bit. :-) The mirror is very clear, some baby mirrors are awful but this is quite nice one. We've only had her play on her back, but this toy can easily adjusted for tummy time and sitting play. Easily assembled. Highly suggested if you're looking for a baby floor gym.
  • A. Sabbath - Lots of fun! A must buy!When I first saw this product, I didn't know what to expect other than to buy it and see what it was. There was a problem in the product information though. It said it would weigh 3 lbs and it would be 1 ft tall. When i got the shipment though, it was 30,000 lbs and was 100 ft tall. In further inspection, there was a latch on the top part of the head. Inside was a seat and tons of buttons everywhere, yet i couldn't find an 'on' switch. Appearently, i had to say 'on'. I'm so foolish. Anyways, after that, I had loads of fun using the rocket boots and heat seeking missiles that had come with the robot! I even had my son blow off a chunk of the moon, but later had him put it back together. Not much of a family bonding thing, but it's fun to use "Giant robot in the backyard" as a punishment if my son doesn't walk the dog. You must buy this! 5 Stars!