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  • Betty Savage - An Interesting Reflection on an Extraordinary CareerThis is a terrific book. Alan Dershowitz manages to provide an overview of his extraordinary life and legal career while also providing in depth analyses of the many important cases and issues in which he has been involved over his fifty year career. Dershowitz's conversational writing style makes for an enjoyable read by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

    Dershowitz uses many of his court cases as a backdrop to discuss the most important legal and social issues of our time. The book is filled with behind the scenes accounts and funny anecdotes about the author's more famous cases, but equally enjoyable and informative are the discussions of cases that did not dominate the national headlines. Dershowitz also provides an interesting account of how his background shaped his views and career. My favorite part of the book covered Dershowitz's judicial clerkships for Justice Arthur Goldberg and Judge David Bazelon.

    I suggest that potential buyers take a quick look at the Table of Contents. You will be reminded of the bredth of the author's extraordinary career, and if you then decide to buy the book, you will be glad you did.
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  • Melissa Cabic - Christopher Noel is an honest researcher...This is Christopher's second book on this subject, I believe and it is very interesting! If you are into the subject of Bigfoot at ALL you really need to add this book to your library. Chris is one of the best educated, honest and accessible researchers in the field. He doesn't just spit out a bunch of facts, but injects feeling and compassion into his writing. Definitely a page turner.
  • whogal - Just what I wanted.I love the convenience of having four handsets. Even though I live in a one-bedroom apartment, it is so convenient to have one in every room. Set up was very easy. I replaced a much older Panasonic phone with this one and I think I'll be just as happy with this one as I was with the older one.