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  • M. Kuntz - Don't know why this album is so hated.Granted, Roger Waters' ego was giant at this point, but who cares? It's the music that matters, right? I enjoy every song on this album. Another thing is this album loses people because they don't understand what the songs are about. The "animals" in the songs are supposed to be metaphors for certain types of people. People may not enjoy this album, but if you're like me, who cares what other people think? Give it a listen sometime.
  • Caz - Great for Acne/Pimples!I recently started a new medication that caused breakouts. Although the pimples/acne gradually disappeared, I was left with skin discoloration where the pimples used to be. This product reduced the discoloration/redness after a couple of treatments. It doesn't take a large amount to apply - use sparingly. I highly recommend this product! :-)
  • Abbey - Great Product- definitely works!Great product,, I got results after the first use. Hair grows back thinner and slower.
    It works best on thin hair areas like arms and facial hair. Thick hair areas takes like legs; it will will take a while but it does work.
    - VERY time consuming but in the long run its definitely worth it.
    - Doesn't leave you all hairless and smooth like how they show in the video, definitely need to use something else along with it at first like an epilator or an electric shaver ( I personally use an electric shaver). I can be used alone on places with thin hair like arms and facial hair. I don't recommend using regular razor because hair grows back thicker.

    Note: Some of the reviews I read, they said it leaves burn marks on face and nick. I use the lowest level/speed ( they are 3 speeds) when I use the lowest setting on face I haven't experienced any burns or anything.
  • David L. Clark "daveclark1955" - This is the "BEST" book for shortwave listeners.I have been buying this book since 1954. It just keeps getting better every year. I wish that you would also offer the CD Guide for this book also. It is called "WRTH BARGRAPH FREQUENCY GUIDE 2012". You order it through the ad in the book. It is a must have for all shortwave listeners.
  • Smorticia - I Love Vue!My Mr. Coffee 4 cup has been on the fritz for a while so I started looking for a new machine. Most mornings I throw away half a pot because no one else wants coffee. I'd heard of the K-cups and Keurig for a while but never tried it. Everyone I know still uses the traditional pot brewers. I decided I wanted to try a single brewer but that sent me on the journey of figuring out which would be best for me. I set a criteria. My coffee maker would have to handle a 12oz cup, be quick for busy mornings, fit under my cabinets, and have a reusable cup. It came down to the K-cup kuerig or this model. I really wanted a reusable cup to use my favorite brand, Community Coffee Ground Coffee, Dark Roast, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 10) the best coffee I've ever found to date. The k-cup was winning in my eyes. But I really liked the options this machine allowed for. Better temperatures, the option to make frothy drinks, large reservoir for the rare occasion the fam wants some too, and best of all being able to fill my large "grande" cup on the first run. But I still wanted my community. After reading that I would receive a variety pack with my new vue I decided to give it a chance. I can change. And I couldn't be happier. After trying all the cups it came with I really liked Coffee People Donut Shop 16-ct. Vue Cup Coffee, Donut Shopit tastes almost as good as my community coffee. The Machine preheats and brews my cup FAST! My old pot, I'd set it to brew and I had time to make toast, butter it, put my sweeteners in my cup, and still wait a few minutes for the pot to finish brewing. Now I have do my Toast first because if not my coffee is getting cold. It's really quick. I read a few reviews about the machine being loud. I figure either they got a bum unit or maybe their hearing is too sensitive. I don't find it to be too loud. When the machine pumps the water it makes a little noise but nothing really bad and it brews so quick it's over in no time. I like the removable drip tray. I can stick a travel mug under it without any trouble. I've read that a reusable solofill vue cup will be coming out. I don't know when, but if it does I will be first in line to order one. But I love my machine. The coffee always tastes the same, fresh, hot, and yummy.