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  • Minuss - Sometimes the problem isn't the software--it's the user.I read several of the negative reviews for this product and was stunned at the response many people gave. Often times people comment on the changes made to the software because in their single opinion it was better the old way. Unfortunately as technology advancements have proven time and time again--it's rarely better the old way. In fact, I would go so far as to say that sometimes the problem isn't the software--it's the user. The change in interface can be tricky for a crowd of people who aren't able to quickly adapt, but for everyone else the change has been a small learning curve with quick and continuous returns. Here are some of the features which made the 2013 version much better than the older versions.

    1) Speed. The newest suite of software was designed to be quick. Pair good design with a solid state hard drive and you'll be able to open Microsoft Word faster than you can load a webpage.
    2) Stability. Part of this I'm sure goes back to also owning a good computer, but I have never had Microsoft Word or any of the other suite products crash.
    3) Design. All of the Microsoft 2013 products look exactly the same. Switch from Project, to Visio, to Word, to Excel and you'll notice one thing. It's all the same. Many people won't like this, but as someone who constantly uses multiple programs it's nice to know that my add-on menu is in the same place every time.
    4) Templates. Thousands of templates available instantly? Sounds great to me. Sure many of them have limitations, but if you need something extremely customizable you can always create it yourself and when you're done contribute by uploading your template for others to use.
    5) Sky drive integration. Save your document automatically into your sky drive and log off. You can now open that file from without Microsoft Office 2013 on any computer simply by logging in.
  • avalon - OMG!My roommate and I decided to try this together. We both have health issues (that involve taking medications that tend to constipate). And I'd read the reviews where some people had sudden urges to "go" (near diarrhea), so we didn't take the 4 caps a day recommended. We took 2 every morning instead. Still had great results with 7 days use. We'll be doing this once every 1-2 months. That means this bottle should last us(at least)8 months with a once a month regimen. That makes this a real bargain.

    update Dec 7, 2012. Have found this products results to vary widely from person to person. I use 2 a day for the 1st four days of the month with good results. My roommate uses for only 2-3 days. If he uses longer has bad gas and cramps. But, if he stops by 3rd day, great results w/o the side effects. This makes this bottle a real value in that it will last us around a year and a half with monthly use.
  • Stephanie Hippo - Sandberg Gets WomenSheryl Sandberg- regardless of how she got to the top- knows women leadership when she sees it. She understands women and has put her research into the book. While it's true that Sandberg's actual content is limited to about 170 pages, the notes she includes are important and worth looking into if a particular part of the book struck a chord with you. This definitely isn't a book she wrote quickly to make money; it's a thoroughly researched masterpiece to illustrate some of the hurdles women face in the workplace and what they can do to change them.

    Be the Master of your own destiny. Be the change you want to see in the world. Lean In. Whatever phrase you want to use, Sandberg emphasizes that women need to speak up. I beg you to get the book, read it, and pass it on to a young woman you know. Encourage tomorrow's women to be leaders and take action for their own futures and the next generation may just be the one that levels the field.

    Check out Cathryn Michon's review (from March 22, 2013). She's completely hit the nail on the head for this book.
  • M. Schroeder - Norton Internet Security 2012 - 3 Users - Very GoodEverything that was advertized was delivered and I am very happy with the product. I was going from the 2011 version to the 2012 version of Norton and once you learn the easiest way of updating and installing the new version using the Product Key, it was easy. It is a very good way to have Internet Security on your PC's, up to 3 PC's, and so far I have not encountered any problems with security.