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  • Christi Moseley - Should be required reading for everybody who loves to quote the bibleReza Asian takes a subject that has the potential to be a real snoozer and brings it to like in a complelling and exciting way. I was shocked when I came to the end... I thougjht there was more... I wanted more! But he has so many references that a good part of the book is taken up with the facts he draws from. A compelling and informative book. A warning though, Bible quoters won't want to hear anything about it.
  • T J - It worked for me! 24 months and countingI have been holding off writing a review for over 24 months, I can say with out reservation that yes it took over a month to work but it has given me my life back. I had doctors visit after visit and have been seen by 3 gastroenterologist then finally my regular doctor stated I had IBS. He called it diagnosis by subtraction because there is really no test for IBS, if you don't have anything that they can find we are left with this vague catch all disease called IBS. It was a debilitating and I suffered for over a year until I found this Align. I had nothing to loose so I purchased it and gave it several months, I have to say within a few weeks I noticed a big difference. I can eat what I want when I want and virtually have no ill affects. That stated I do exercise regularly and watch what I eat just because I want to be healthy but I now have my life back. I hope that others can get some relief as I have and I will continue taking it for some time.
    PS my doctor was not surprised when I told him I had found relief with Align, he stated that he has family members taking Align for years and has no reservations about me taking this long term.

    Align Probiotic Digestive Care - 63 Capsules