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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Katie - A Godsend! Well, almost!I bought the Tagg after one of my Livestock Guardian dogs was shot and killed by a farmer a mile and a half south of my place. I had no idea my dog was going down there, or I would have tried to prevent such a senseless act. My other dog, a Great Pyrenees, now wears a TAGG, which will hopefully alert me if she leaves the property and heads toward that mans farm.
    The good is that it works. The bad is that now I am alerted when my dog leaves her zone and since this is usually in the middle of the night (Livestock Guardians usually work at night), I have been getting in my truck and going to get her. t doing a lot for my beauty sleep. That said, once you get it set up (a little confusing) and set your zone (it is circular, which is awkward, a square would be easier to set up and more accurate) it does work. The battery life is ok, not outstanding, but if you only have it track your animal when you have to --it will still show location--the battery will last a little longer.
    I'd rather have a GPS microchipped that would be with her all the time, but since that technology isn't available, this is the next best option!
  • Ralph Pasana - Great Reference BookI bought this book after my professor introduced it to me during her lecture on disaster nursing. She used it in Africa and Port Au Prince and said it was super helpful. It has anything from simple fixes for breaks and sprains and even procedures that a doctor would normally perform that someone can refer to if they absolutely had to for whatever reason. I bought it just as a quick reference.
  • Jessie Cordova - Awesome for the money!I couldn't afford to take the Kaplan review course that they offer for the NCLEX so I ordered this book with my fingers crossed that it would prepare me. It did! This book is awesome and definitely well worth the money. I recommend it to any new graduate preparing to the the NCLEX. I passed mine on the first try and felt truly prepared while taking the exam.
  • Louie - The TruthspeakerAs in 'The End of Faith' and 'Letter to a Christian,' Sam Harris speaks the truth in 'The Moral Landscape.'

    My opinion is based upon 65 years of having lived on planet Earth. I grew up in a Christian home in the American Bible Belt, and I know, firsthand, whereof he speaks.

    Thanks, again, Mr. Harris.
  • Andrea Polk - Beautiful photos with mediocre video from this hybrid _ UPDATED 10/25/13I was lucky enough to receive this camera as part of the Amazon Vine reviewer program. Being an intermediate digital photographer, and by no means an expert in manual settings or photography, I was a bit intimidated by this one - but not for long!

    My first thought after playing with this camera for about 3 hours is: "I LOVE IT!" And my advice: 'Don't hesitate to buy this camera!'

    Frankly, that's rare for me. I can't say I've felt this excited taking photos in a long time, nor have I felt like wholeheartedly encouraging others to buy one... until today.

    I currently own 9 cameras. Point and shoot types you throw into your pocket, and some that are a bit bigger including: Fujifilm FinePix SL300 14 MP Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom (Black), Sony DSC-H200 Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black) and Olympus SP-600UZ 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Wide Angle Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD.

    I'm familiar with digital 'zoom' cameras at a lower price point. None of the cameras I have can compare to the features and quality output of the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR.

    This camera ships with a rechargeable battery, AC battery charger, USB cable, lens cap, lens hood, shoulder strap, basic manual (in French, Spanish and English) and a FinePix CD.

    NOTE: You will need to purchase a SDHC, SD or SDXC memory card (suggest Class 10 speed for best performance) to store your photos and video.

    First, the camera is incredibly versatile. It takes great candid shots of your family and pets, as well as stunning landscapes and low light photos. Perfect photos can be snapped again and again via super-macro down to 1cm, and via a 42X manual optical zoom (84X Intelligent Zoom) with image stabilization.

    I've never found a digital camera to be great with both macro and zoom, but this one achieves both, effortlessly.

    Having used other cameras with similar interfaces I jumped right in. It wasn't hard to get the hang of its navigation and transitions from one part of the menu to another were quick and intuitive.

    Second, this camera is super fast! Continuous shooting modes, as well as single snaps were blur-free. Shooting modes have some affect, but truly, comparing this camera to the others I own, I notice virtually no lag with a Wintec Filemate 16 GB Professional Class 10 Secure Digital SDHC Card installed.

    Third, the FinePix has an incredible array of photography functions built into the camera. Scene modes and easy to use advanced settings that will delight intermediate users, and help them to grow as photographers.

    I had a ton of fun playing with shooting modes (landscape, sports, portrait, etc...), which are found on other digital cameras, as well as with advanced features (panorama 360, advanced filters - toy, soft focus, pop color...). All of them yielding great results.

    Fourth, it also provides HD 1080P video recording, and has an external microphone jack. This is great for anyone who does YouTube videos. Put this camera on a tripod and wear a Olympus ME-52W Noise Canceling Microphone. Using rotating LCD on the FinePix, you will be able to see what you are recording in 1080P and get outstanding results! You can upload to Facebook or YouTube directly once your camera is connected to your PC via the included USB cord, or edit and do it later.

    An HDMI port on the camera makes it easy to show others your HD movies on HDTVs and PCs via an HDMI cord (not included).

    I wasn't overly impressed with the FinePix HS50EXR's video camera's audio without an external mic outdoors, but it probably would be fine indoors without one as long as the room was quiet. The nice part is that with this camera, you have options!

    The HD 1080P video quality was outstanding, but be prepared for a bit of choppiness if you're on the move or panning an area versus remaining stationary.

    Even without any special filters or tweaks, this camera takes incredibly sharp photos and video, with a depth of color reproduction that is unmatched by other digital cameras I've used.

    There were a few things I wasn't completely satisfied with but considering the great overall performance of this camera, they seem minor and shouldn't be a deal breaker for most.

    Macro setting provides stellar results, but sometimes the camera had a tough time focusing in macro via EXR mode. I found that using 'Text' (in advanced settings) with macro worked well for enhancing details.

    Zoom works well and adjusts for moving objects most of the time, but sometimes acquired images in the background (focusing on them) instead of the one I hoped it would catch. Playing with scene modes helped, thus it was probably more 'user error' than the camera.

    I wish the on/off switch wasn't where other cameras I own have the zoom function. It will take time getting used to this placement and hope I do so before I miss out on some great shots!

    I'm sure that with all its features and outstanding performance, the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR will delight many intermediate digital photography enthusiasts (and advanced users too). Giving them the tools to take good photos now, and quickly grow into taking fantastic photos in the near future.

    UPDATE: 4/27/13 - Dropping from 5 Stars to 4 Stars

    I took this camera to a 'low light' indoor event where I put it through its paces using EXR Auto for most of it. I probably should have done a low light setting, however I wanted to know if 'auto' alone would adjust and produce good photos.

    Photos came out good overall, even without a flash. Auto adjustments were quickly made by the camera and 70% of the photos showed no blur or lack of focus.

    Then I took a 6 minute video. The camera had a tough time remaining focused with the subject of the video moving a little (walking back and forth across a stage).

    Sound capture from 12' away was awful without an external microphone, leading me to believe that only videos taken at short distances will be 'good' using the internal mic.

    Video playback was choppy. 'Not good.' Using a SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s SDSDXPA-016G-X46 I expected better capture and playback.

    Stills taken as video recording was occurring were grainy. Overall video very disappointing.

    I love the way this camera is quick to respond, captures vibrant color and detail (even on auto settings), and has advanced features to promote creativity. Photo taking is fun with this one and produces good results.

    I wish the 1080P HD video was equal to the photo taking capabilities, without the need for enhancements such as an external microphone. I hope to discover the best media to use with it, and will probably choose another camera for video taking other than for indoor, microphone enhanced product review-type videos.

    UPDATE: 10/25/13

    At the risk of appearing a bit like someone who can't make up her mind...I've moved up the star rating on this camera from a 4 to a 5 star rating. I still wish the video was equal to the still capabilities of this camera, but frankly, I love this camera the more I use it and hardly ever want to take video - so what's the big deal?

    For those who want both exceptional still photography with great zoom AND equal video quality, keep looking. Otherwise - this is a winner with tons of features to enjoy for years to come.