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  • George Wey - Office for Mac Home & Student 2011Office for Mac Home & Student 2011

    Office for Mac 2011 is great for creating compatible files to use on PC or vise versa. Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used programs for school, home, and work.
    Backwards compatible with older Microsoft Office documents even if it was created on a PC.

    Layout is different from Microsoft Office 2011 on a Windows PC, so if you are new to Mac and new to Office 2011for Mac it will be a learning curve.

    Office 2011works with Mac Lion! Comes as a CD and Key, no retail box like the picture...
  • Sunnylee - AmazingMy family are feeling such an awesome General Well Being after Just a month of being on Oxygen Therapy. I wont write too much because I really believe that you need to discover and study this for yourself. I will quickly list the things it has healed within myself, Husband and 4 Boys. Here we go, Heartburn, Eczema, Asthma, Acne, Bronchitis, Concentration and the one that I love the most is my 3 year old Now eats, I have been battling with him ever since his Near Drowning and Being in a Coma for a week, it is our belief that all the drugs and toxins pumped into him back then have stunted his growth. He has only every craved sweet foods. Well now my baby is easting so much fruit and Yoghurt that alone is worth more to me than even curing my own Asthma. I thank God for giving us this knowledge and will continue the therapy for the rest of our living Days. I cant thankyou enough My Precious God