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  • SWGF "Steve" - Great Book.Interesting book. Braden's calculations appear to work, at least approximately. Our current knowledge of "time" may be somewhat unstable, with its existence in quantum physics uncertain, and in macro physics, it could be a human-based invention (with apologies to Einstein et al). Braden's work appears to suggest that "time" is real, or at least, that certain conditions obey a repeating structured sequential format that we could refer to as "time." If true, this book could change much about what we think we know about "time." Unexplained are the possible physical mechanisms linking "time" to the conditions that result. I hope some research physicists read this book, it could lead to an interesting evolution in modern physics (or not).
  • ecclectic ear - The best rock album ever madeI am constantly telling people who have grown up in the "post-rock era" or who have never been Pink Floyd fans because they were scared away by subliminal messages and drug references like I still am turned off by them, that this is by far the best album ever made in the rock era. I am a huge Beatles fan but I would still tell anyone to this day that this album is so head and shoulders over Seargent Pepper that it's pitiful and that to me Seargent Pepper may have been "The Wall" of it's time but in my opinion only paved the way for the concept, artistry, and awesome studio production and musicianship of this masterpiece called "The Wall" (oh, and by the way I always thought Magical Mystery Tour was always a better album than Seargent Pepper anyway). I actually started off hating Pink Floyd as I was growing up because my older brother kept hitting me over the head with constant, constant playings of "Dark Side of the Moon" coming out of his room, and coupled with the fact that Pink Floyd released probably the most lame song on the album "Money" as it's main single which has always been played ad nauseum for 30 years on classic rock stations didn't help either. The sound of that album even did begin to grow on me as I got older but it wasn't until high school when a fellow student and huge fan of Pink Floyd would hijack the huge high school choir room's awesome high fidelity stereo system and blast "The Wall" throughout the halls of the music department that I really began to like that album. I wasn't wild about it at first but I would see the (future Minnesota State Senator)'s enthusiasm while he cranked up the wall, especially on the part which goes "when we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers who..... with it's great bass guitar and helicopter sound effects that I began to like the album, and it wasn't until after I graduated and looked back to the "Floyd" lunch hours as some of the "happiest days of our lives" that I began to really see how awesome that album really was and enjoyed all of the classic rock airplay of the hits on that album over the years, many until later I didn't even realize were all on "The Wall". Because of this album I became a major Gilmour-guitar fan and was lucky enough to see the Floyd in concert before they went dormant, and I even developed an appreciation for Roger Waters' musical concept of the world and although he doesn't have the greatest voice and that a lot of people hate his "concept" I think some people's voices and perspectives absolutely fit the unique kind of music that they do perfectly. I've only found 2 other albums that have the same effect on me musically as "The Wall" because they have the same type of somewhat dark, etherial, conceptual, and sophisticated studio production and feel as The Wall, and that is "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush and "So" by Peter Gabriel and parts of "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" by Alan Parsons Project, if you haven't heard these albums and are a big "Wall" fan it would be definitely worth a listen to you. And finally I want to give props to a Floyd man who I think was so instrumental in making the wall and some other Floyd albums so awesome is Michael Kamen who died this past year. If you don't know who he is just listen to Gilmour's great guitar solos over the violin/orchestral parts of "Comfortably Numb" and you'll hear the orchestral arranging genious of Michael Kamen.
  • Zeb "zebra01" - Very impressed!I been using Q for 20+ years. Some versions have been buggy - recently things have been quite good. I always upgrade usually yearly and sometimes every other year. Never had any serious problems. This is is a nice version - it appears to be a lot quicker and went on perfectly. Last year I had a problem with the online backup on Win7-64. I wrote them and was reluctant to give the service the info he asked - as my experience of 40 years is Customer service only waste my time. I had notified them so they could add it to their fix list. The rep kept asking - it appears that he was really high level - within days he has altered the code and asked me to try it --- it fixed it.
  • Farzad - Hey Clay, WAZZZZZAAA?Hey Clay, WAZZZZZZZZAAA?

    I loved the book. Many thanks to Vanessa, Scott and Janet for the work they do. And now for my contribution-- and my only post on Amazon (Farzad a la Mode)

    I thought your book was thought provoking all the way to the end. You respected the reader enough not to do what so many authors do today, which is to keep repeating the same thing over and over again in simple words.

    I also keep seeing things that echo with the lessons of your book. Did you see the NYT article about the case of the stolen Skyline GT? Another nice example of how if there's love (in this case for a car) then online community action can be intense.

    BTW- you scared me with your Deaniac analysis- I sure hope that's not the case w my man Obama- but he's trading at 80c so I'm still feeling good. (The newspaper headlines after PA should have read: "no new information in Clinton win- markets unmoved").

    Throughout the book I kept scribbling stuff down, and thinking- I should send this section on web 2.0 tools for human rights to Saman, or the section on "implicit promise" to Jamie (Heywood), or the piece on loose networks to Les. Unfortunately, it's too much of a drag to scan and email. We need a better tool for this.

    How's this for an idea? If while I was reading your book, how about if I could add some marginalia (like my random thoughts above), and other readers could see it too, and rank it. That way, I could choose to read not only your brilliant thoughts, but also the most highly regarded comments from all your readers. Kind of like the Talmud with commentary all around the original text ( Or alternatively, maybe I could only turn on my friends' comments, so reading a book would be social like watching a movie with a bunch of friends and kibitzing is.

    Anyway, looking forward to talking to you soon- unless of course, you're too famous to get back to me. Cue "Stan" )

  • Whatisthispenname - Great inexpensive speakers.Great speakers. Sound quality is great. Has a good bass tone as well. At the moment I am using these speakers as front speakers, have heard they do real well as rear speakers. Polk claims they make great quality products that are inexpensive, so far it seems like it is true.

    If you are looking for a good quality name brand speaker that is not expensive, this is probably it. I would not consider anything cheaper. Something more expensive, that is another story, but make sure it outperforms first.