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  • Julie Hickey - Not only a great stocking stuffer but also a hilarious readIf you don't have a sense of humor, don't buy The Bad Girl's Guide To Getting What You Want. Among other great advice, this book explains how to get a date, lose a date, get a job and then do as little as possible to keep the job. It is racy, edgy, and often downright crude. I LOVED it. I picked it up in the airport and didn't even have to "lose to loser" next to me on the flight because I was laughing so hard my 7-Up was coming out my nose. If I had been given "the man translator" at age 16, my hair wouldn't be gray today. I especially appreciated the advice on taking the mini vacations (that I deserve) from work. So far this month I've had minor surgery, jury duty and traffic court (but really I've had massages, facials and pedicures). I can't wait to give these as stocking stuffers to all of my friends and family, good and bad alike.
  • ShopNW - A continued fan of QuickenI have been a quicken user since 1996.
    I tried to switch over to something else and found Quicken to still be the more intuitive desktop solution available out there.
    I typically buy every new revision and always find the new features, no matter how small, are always useful. Again continue to be satisfied by this intuit product to manage my finances and don't foresee switching to anything different in the foreseeable future.
    Great for tracking all bank, credit card and online accounts, investments, assets, etc. Also great integration with quicken health expense tracking if you have an medical insurance that uses Quicken Health expense tracker features.
  • Scott's Mom - I Love Birnbaum's Walt Disney WorldI have been buying Birnbaum's Walt Disney World books since 1994 even ithough we don't go to Disney World every year. Not only do I like knowing the changes Disney makes each year but I also like to look back at the books to see which attractions are no longer there and how much the prices have changed over the years. I recommend this book to anyone I know who's planning a trip to Disney World.
    The book gives you information on everything in Disney World. It decribes every attraction, every hotel, every restaurant, character meals, special events and more. As far as I'm concerned, this is a MUST HAVE for anyone planning a trip to Disney World, even if you've already been there.
  • K. Halloran "bridgenet" - Great addition for ChristmasThis was a great gift for my 5 year old. He loved getting up in the morning and being able to open up the next day, getting some Lego surprise. Kept him out of trouble for the month of December. Yes, it is pricey for what you get but it is Lego and they are all expensive. Your kids will love it.