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  • christinemm - The Thinking Mother - Fun for the Amateur ArtistSKETCHBOOK PRO 2011 contains DVD two discs that can be used on either a Windows or Mac based computer. You do need a DVD drive to use it (three of our home computers don't have a DVD drive). You also need a mouse, that's all you need.

    This is a fun program in which you manipulate the mouse to make art. Since I own and use Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 I note some of the controls are quite similar such as selecting the tool and opacity and working with layers.

    To start, you just click on the type of medium you want to use (i.e. marker, pencil, paintbrush) then select the thickness, color, and opacity and you are off and running. The menu bar is in the corner and you can expand some of them if you find that easier.

    I started fooling around with this without directions, since none came in a paper form and I'm a book person. However there are tutorial documents on the disc to help you. On a whim I used an internet search engine and found video tutorials from the manufacturer on YouTube. These helped me the most.

    I am an amateur artist and enjoy this program. I let my kids test it out, they are aged 10 and 13 and both found it simple. They used the tools intuitively and found more features than I realized existed. They really liked the split screen mirror image tool and the one that repeats in the four quadrants what you do on the screen (imagine drawing with one line but seeing an image like a kaleidoscope).

    Since I am new to making digital art, I realize there's a learning curve. While I can control a regular drawing pencil in my hand to sketch on paper, it's a completely different skill to use the mouse to replicate the same thing. It's an odd feeling to try to do something you know you can do with pencil and paper but struggle to make a smooth or straight line with the mouse as the tool. In the beginning it feels like a trick on the mind to use a mouse and see the medium you usually associate with a regular marker, paintbrush, or pencil making magic on the screen.

    I have no compaints about this product.

    As with any computer program or with any traditional art medium, what you get out of it depends both on what you want to do with it (translating your concept to reality) and also how much time you put into learning the skills, procedures and techniques necessary to get it to do what you want it to do. I'm a newbie and I find this program fun so far.
  • Angela - I love my Kindle!I have had my Kindle for over a month now, so I think I have enough experience with it to give a pretty fair review. First of all, I was so excited to see how small and light it was! I read the dimensions, but for some reason thought it would be bigger. I really like the seperate switches for the power and the wireless. It's nice to turn off the wireless when you don't need it (really saves the battery power). The battery seems to have a really long life to it. I've made it through whole books without recharging (if the wireless is off).

    I think I am going to upgrade the cover though. I haven't had any serious problems with the cover it came with, but I'm uncomfortable having such an expensive item held in by only two corners (all on the left side). My FIL has a cover that holds in all four and I think I'd like that better. There is no backlight and that's just fine by me. I got the Mighty Bright LED light and it works great.

    The buttons. It took a bit of getting used to, but I've gotten very good at not pushing the buttons and losing my place. I do read with the cover so I just hold on to the bit of cover that sticks on on the left hand side. I have a hard time reading without the cover because I end up pushing all the buttons and it gets frustrating. I do like how it saves your place in each book or magazine.

    I read mainly novels, so I don't have the problems that others have had with the magazines (graphs and pics being done poorly). I haven't had any problems with the wireless either. I live in Northern Utah and get at least three bars (sometimes only two in my bedroom).

    Overall, I've really enjoyed the Kindle. It fits in my purse (I put it in a gallon zip bag because it's currently snowy here) and take it everywhere. I have some children's books on it and has been great at the doctors office to read to the kids. I do wish there was a folder system to sort books though. Would be nice but it's easy enough to work around. I just use the show and sort feature to find what I'm looking for.