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  • D. S. GOLDER "Serious Dew Drinker" - It is working!First off let me state for all those (like me) who want honest feedback and worry about reviews by maker's employees or marketing people - I am not one of them! I am an everyday consumer who has a mole I can no longer live with on my forehead and canot afford to have a dermatologist remove it because insurance will not cover it. I did have it examined by a Dr and was told it is not a concern for cancer of any kind.

    So I puchased this and started treatment Monday 9/3. I followed the directions I found on the web because none were included in the package (expected based on other reviews).

    Points to be aware of,

    - Yes, it burned a bit when I roughed up the surface of the mole. Expected.
    - Yes, it burned when I applied the Dermatend.
    - I covered my mole completely with Dermatend because my mole is pretty big, size of pencil eraser.
    - I covered it for 30 minutes with round bandaid while it "worked". It burned the entire time, but they say that is when you know it is working. It was tolerable because I want this thing off my face!

    1st scab came off last night (3 days after 1st treatment), mole is approx half the size it was when I started. I treated it again last night.

    So far so good. I fully expected to treat more than once because of the size of my mole.

    It is working for me.

    Purchased smallest tube possible, will be plenty for a dozen or more treatments.
  • AZgoodbooks "mikesimons" - The path to a sustainable, controlled remission of IBD, IBSI just got the new 8th Printing "Millennium Edition" of this wonderful book. This new edition is clearer than previous editions and includes valuable Internet resources for support, recipes, success stories, and more. I took drugs for 15+ years to battle my Crohn's. Nothing really worked. I finally started the SCD four years ago and have been able to maintain a controlled remission, drug free, since 1997! This diet has changed my life! For me, this diet provides better results than the drugs ever did, without the long-term side effects. After 1.5 years on the SCD I finally allowed my doc to perform a colonoscopy. The results: "We got all the way to the cecum. No evidence at all of Crohns. No scars. No inflammation. Nothing. You look completely normal." (Ahem - and this from a doctor who previously claimed diet had nothing to do with IBD.)My recommendation to IBD sufferers: get this book and start the down the path to sustainable remission. Diet has everything to do with getting better--find a new, more supportive doc if yours disagrees or learned otherwise! My only regret is not having started this regimen sooner!
  • R. Roberts - aphogee 2 step protein treatment really works miraclesAphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair 16 oz.This product really does work, follow directions exactly and your hair will be repaired. My daughter had completely fried hair after a bad high lighting, the hair was so damaged she was going to cut it all off. We tried the aphogee 2 step treatment and her hair was repaired to the point that she loved it. I highly recommend this product.
  • Michael Shaw - Works great!I have tried the vet subscribed medicines like Frontline and found them to be a waste of money and not really safe for your pets. They simply don't work for what they cost. And is spraying insecticide on them safe for your pets. Probably not! I use this stuff daily in the morning right before my dogs first walk which involves walking around the cemetery and the corner park. I spray him down lightly from neck to tail and I rub it in. He doesn't like it but not because it burns or anything. He simply doesn't like be sprayed with anything including water. After it's applied though he's okay with it. It also smells good. Now my cat I don't treat with this since she wouldn't let me if I tried, She would scratch the hell out of me. Anyways I have read that peppermint and clove oil are not safe for cats. They have a different make up then dogs. So whats god for a dog isn't always good for cats. So do some research before you use something on them. Also a weekly bath for Fido will help control fleas and ticks. i just use a standard dog shampoo. Not a medicated one. Fleas will drown when they are wet and soapy. They can't swim like that. I give this stuff an A+ rating....Mike
  • Traci - Easy comprehensive health plan.I have had this book less than a week and am finding it to be truly refreshing. At first glance it looks like just another diet fad - but this is truly not the case. You can eat (and drink) ANYTHING you want. She simply shows you how to determine whether those foods work with your body or against it. She also gives you fast and free ways to test yourself for thyroid deficiency as well as yeast levels. Lyn offers several options to counter these issues including foods and supplements. Her explanations of food interactions are extremely informative and easy to understand. This is proving to be a great overall health guide. I highly recommend it.