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  • Sam I Am - Before and After ReviewBEFORE:

    I plan to get my MBA after many years in the workforce and owning a business. I am taking some prerequesites at the local colleges but I need the GMAT to be accepted in my local program. I have done well in my courses but the GMAT will be my first real test if I "have the stuff" to do well in my graduate studies. I am looking forward to utilizing Kaplan GMAT 2010-2011 Premier for my preparation. By initial review, all the tools seem to be in place to help me raise my score.

    I will report my results after six months and tell you how well it helped me.
  • Eugenia Loli - This diet worked for my IBS-DAs I write this I'm on Day 10 of the diet (followed 98%, I'd say), and I don't have any symptoms of IBS anymore -- a disease I had to live with for the last 10 years. Doctors and pills never worked for me, this diet already does.

    After my gut and me are at peace again, which will possibly take a few months of healing, I will move to the Paleo diet, which is a diet very similar to SCD, and it's designed to be followed for life.
  • Wadesisk - My favorite for over 25 years!I first bought "Animals" on 8 track when it was first released and used to lay in bed at night with my headphones on and fall asleep listening to it. It is still one of my all time favorite albums.

    The 8 track version had a "filler" guitar solo on "Pigs On The Wing" that was cut out on the LP and CD versions.

    The concept behind "Animals" seems even more relevant and appropriate today than it did then. It's timeless.