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  • Dale Cooper Sr. - Great addition to slim led TV'sI bough the amazing Sony hx850 led tv. After turning off all the digital processing gizmos, the picture is astonishing. The sound however is horrible. Absolute no bass, no power and most of all, it was very hard to follow the dialogue. I looked for a sound bar solution for a long time, and finally decided to go with the Bose Solo. I already own Bose accoustimass speakers for the basement setup, so I was sure this thing would work out.

    I was not disappointed! It was amazing to hear the additional sounds from the minute I hooked it up (very easy, did not even take the manual out of the shrink wrap). More amazingly, the additional sounds and bass did not come at the expense of dialogue. Quite the opposite, voices are very clear now!

    For a quick, affordable sound solution to go with that slim led tv, look no further!
  • murphy0515 - Saves attorney feesThis book explains everything and the CD-ROM has all the forms you'll need to create your will, durable power of attorney, etc. for the whole family without the expense of numerous trips to an attorney's office. You can depend on the Quicken name for accuracy. Even my 3 daughters in there 20's have wills, medical decisions documented, etc.
    I definitely recommend this product. Why put off a visit to an attorney when you can sit at the kitchen table and have your affairs in order without leaving the house.
  • pumpum - Bring Up the BodiesMarvelous! Someone must have commented on Mantel's vague pronouns in Wolf Hall," because she seems to have made a conscious effort to clarify all the pronouns in this sequel. It (the effort) becomes a little intrusive, even though the clarity is welcome.
    Bring up the rest of Henry's wives!