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  • SuperSoca - Excellent buyI have not begun to fully use or enjoy this tablet but already I am intrigued by its versatility. This is my first tablet and so far I enjoy the little use I have had with it. I can now read a lot of the PDF files, check emails, and so much more that I look forward to doing. My only issue with it is that it doesn't have a USB port but I knew that when I bought it and I have ordered the adapter.
  • Taylor - Awesome Study AidThis is probably the best and most all around useful book for studying in medical school. I didn't really start studying with this book until I was focused on taking boards. I really wish that I had started using this book sooner (i.e. at the beginning of medical school).
  • CoffeeFlavoured - Dermatend is AWESOMEI first bought this tube about a year ago directly from the Dermatend site. First I will say, you get a lot more out of the tube than it says (awesome!). I've used it on several moles and IT WORKS. The larger more stubborn ones do take multiple applications but keep at it and they too will disappear. I have a handful of smaller ones and a large one that are now totally gone never to return thanks to this stuff! I just bought my second tube to tackle and get rid of my largest and some smaller remaining ones.

    ---TIPS for using!!!---
    1. Wash the area with a warm cloth first.
    2. When you scratch, make sure you scratch the entire area real good- if it's a raised mole be sure to get the sides too. Don't worry if you scratch your surrounding healthy skin a bit- just don't apply dermatend to the healthy skin.
    3. If you don't feel s slight burn when you first apply it, you didn't scratch good enough and it's a pretty sure sign you will need to repeat it and scratch better next time.
    4. COVER the affected area with it, and make sure the paste you cover it with it thick, not watery. If it's watery you need to cap the tube and squeeze it around a bit until you have paste coming out.

    If you know you scratched good enough, but the dermatend doesn't do a single thing- check the expiration date on your tube. Mine only stopped being effective near the expiration date.
  • Music Lover - Great travel bookThis book has been extremely helpful to us in planning a trip to Ireland. Since we will be traveling independently and not with a tour group, it was really important that we get detailed information about places to see and tips for traveling. I looked at a couple of other travel books, but found this one to be most helpful. We have it on our iPad and Kindle so we can refer to it as we go.
  • Sitting in Seattle - Excellent for 2013 Highlander LimitedI put this in the trunk of my new 2013 Highlander Limited as an alternative to the carpeted mats. Perhaps the most important thing to know is this: my *wife* loves it. She's commented several times on how much she likes it, much more than the carpeted one that we had in our previous Highlander.

    Why do we like it? It fits perfectly, right down to the lip along the door. It has decent friction so things don't slide around a lot. All the cords, seat split, etc. also fit perfectly. You can raise or lower each seat independently. The area behind the seats folds up fairly neatly when the third row seats are up, so other things can stack in the trunk reasonably well.

    The one downside, as other reviews note, is that the carpet underneath is slightly exposed where the liner is split for the seats. That's unavoidable if you want to raise and lower the seats -- although if it really concerns you and will be an infrequent operation, then you could consider putting some kind of towel there or the like, and move it when needed; that would be easier than moving the whole liner as would be required for a non-splitting liner.

    We have not yet cleaned it, but it would seem to be easy to do: wipe it with a damp cloth, or for more thorough cleaning, remove it and hose down. I'll update the review later if we have more to say about that.

    Overall, we like it much, much better than the carpeted version; and it came quickly and in great shape when delivered. I'd happily buy this again.