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  • Hope Harrell - Horrific Struggle! Amazing Faith!Elizabeth Smart experienced so much more than any child should bare. But she never gave up on God. This isn't just a story of her kidnapping and torture. It's a story of faith and perseverance. It shows us that with Christ, we can endure ALL things. He is our comfort. I like to read real life stories of over comers. In this book, Elizabeth Smart gets her victory! Praise The Lord! To God be the Glory!
  • Denis Ables - A good summaryThis book prepares you for what you should do next, if not already done. Read McCabe's bible on oxygen / ozone therapy entitled "Flood your Body with Oxygen". I have no doubt that McCabe should get more than a little credit for the numerous doctors and other specialists now using (perhaps even specializing) in oxygen / ozone therapy.
  • mickey - Concerned about our CountryScary,but spot on. Everyone should read this book. It is right on and has all the data to back up the facts. It is a not a book that is Democrat or Republican, but just tells us what has happened under the present regime and how to take care of ourselves. It is not a book for those that would rather put their heads in the sand and pretend things are just great in America!
  • pleased customer - It Really WorksI bought the No No hair after reading reviews (which were paid for by the company I later found out) and after months of using it I didn't notice a difference. After a few weeks of using the Silk n Flash & Go on my legs, I have noticed a huge difference! It works extremely well, better than in office laser hair removal in my opinion, and it really isn't painful. I have felt a little snap here and there but nothing compared to laser hair in office treatments. I would recommend this to anyone. I am going to start on my husband's back very soon!
  • Naiadiver - The Chillow Really Works!Place a chillow inside your regular pillow case, and feel the cool memory foam wick heat away from your head, neck and shoulders. A friend told me about this product, and I ordered it from Amazon when I couldn't find it in local health and beauty retailers. It's a sealed waterproof rectangular case with about a half inch thick slab of memory foam inside. You add about 9 cups of water to the envelope and reseal the watertight valve after squeezing out all the air bubbles. Then the foam works to cool you when your skin comes into contact. It has helped me get much better sleep, and I don't think I could sleep at all without it now. I highly recommend it.