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  • Steven S Bowling - life changingI have a jaw disorder that only allows my mouth to open wide enough for cookies and coins to fit into. The only way i was able to eat a banana was to forcefully shove it into my mouth. Since my mouth doesn't fully open I would get maybe half of it into my mouth, with the other half getting all over my face. Thanks to this product i am able to eat a full banana without having to wipe my face after each bite. thank you hutlzer
  • XCgirl - MCAT reviewIt is a comprehensive review of all the topics. Even has advice for pursuing you medical career at the end!
  • Dania Bruner - yummy gummiesOk who doesn't love Gummy Bears, well maybe someone who hasn't ever tried them!
    I loved the regular ones as a teen, but unfortunately had to give them up along with
    a whole bunch of other things when I developed Adult Diabetes. Then I found these
    sugarless ones. Oh Joy! Now they are a little bit chewier but no less tasty or fun.
    And my kids who didn't know they were sugarless had no problem with them either judging
    by how much of them were eaten. I have almost finished the 1st 5lb bag and am ready
    for the next one, they keep quite a well if stored properly. Go ahead and enjoy.
  • Annette Gaarden "Annette Gaarden" - The best ! - but take it off at night.This is a fantastic make up. Very easy to put on without looking "caky" at all. I works for me and leaves a completely natural look. The best is that you don't have to use so much as you think.

    Just remember that less is more, or else it can turn into flakes and look anything else than natural.

    There is one thing I will recommend: use a moisturiser and let it go into your skin (almost) before you put bareMinerals on. The foundation is very fine to even out skin tones. I have a touch of rosacea, but bareMinerals is still the best to use.

    Some women can sleep with it, but my expirience is that it's better to TAKE IT OFF AT NIGHT. It can cause pimples at the jawline if you let it stay on.

    I can only recommend to give it a try!