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  • kstahlke - Best ever!I read a million reviews on umbrella strollers. And I'm so glad we chose this one! I can't think of a single thing I'd change. We love it. My daughter loves it. The lime green is beautiful. The basket is roomy and easy to access. The seat has a good combo of support and comfort. The expandable sun shade is amazing. Love it.
  • Anna Shivakumar - Recommended with some specificalitiesI own an Apple Ipad as well and so comparing the market leaders in the tablet market was very easy. I believe they are pretty evenly matched though Galaxy Tab does beat the IPad in the end because of being a bang for the buck. At 200$ less than IPad and with an interface less rigid than ios, it is a better purchase if you are going to own only one tablet. The only things that I liked in an IPad over the Tab was that somehow the former seemed more sturdy (less prone to slipping out of your hand) and having more screen width than the latter. If these seem a petty issue to you, go for the galaxy!
  • Jeremey Donovan "author of 'How to Deliver a ... - Great title, good insights, so-so structureWith no prior training, I was immediately drawn to this book to improve the quality my home videos.

    Here are my take-aways to Plan-Move-Point-Shoot-Stop-Edit:

    - Make sure that every video, scene, and shot has a clear intent of how you want the audience to react and be explicit
    - Select a point-of-view (the "side"/opinion of a specific individual)
    - Either script or build a checklist of an anticipated key shots
    II. Move:
    - Keep the light behind you; make sure the lighting matches the story
    - Match location, background, and foreground to the story
    - Make moves in large increments
    III. Point:
    - Focus on people's eyes to capture emotion
    - Do not move the camera or use digital zoom before or during the shot
    - Keep the focus of your image out of the middle square of a 3x3 grid
    - Use an external mic (lavaliere or boom)
    IV. Shoot:
    - Make every shot an action with a clear hero and a beginning, middle, and end.
    - Make each scene answer questions from the prior scene and raise new ones
    - If using two cameras, manually synch their AWB (automatic white balance)
    V. Stop:
    - Keep shots under 10 seconds (if traveling, shoot two 10-sec shots per hour)
    VI. Edit:
    - Keep videos as short as possible; if doing a how-to, consider breaking into a series
    - Edit out everything that does not need to be there
    - Limit the use of graphics/text/titles; if used, make text/titles simple (ex: Helvetica) and effect-free
    - Consider using a call-back to link the final shot to the initial shot
    - Music & Sound: Test music that is on-story, counter-story; and unrelated and see what works; Add natural sound effects
    - Rely almost completely on cuts with a rare wipe (to convey movement) and even rarer dissolve (to shift to a somber mood)
    - Seek feedback and address all common concerns and think about unique ideas/concerns

    [UPDATE: I updated this review from 2 stars to 5 stars on Jan 14, 2013. Though the book has a high degree of redundancy, it has truly transformed the way that I approach video.]
  • David Hughes - Microsoft SQL Server 2012.Good read, but I'm a professional Programmer, but you would expect nothing less from Microsoft.
    I found it useful and covered the topic well as I'm new to SQL, But it would be a light read for a professional SQL Programmer.
    But if your interested in SQL or earn a living from SQL it's an addition for you Professional Library and you cant beat the price!
  • franknwh - One of the few games that has ever lived up to all of the hype.The first four hours alone have been the most fun I've had playing any game in years. For all of those worried about the servers being down, simply wait a few days and buy the game. I personally haven't had any problems other than being disconnected once while Blizzard patched the game.

    I'm new to the series, and the amount of polish that has been given to the gameplay is incredible. The game's atmosphere coupled with the non-stop action keeps it from becoming boring or redundant.