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  • Thumoeides - Great resultsIf you want a quiet blow dryer that leaves your hair feeling soft, try this product. The air blows quickly, so my short hairstyle is dry in no time. Yes, the product is a little heavier than other blow dryers I have owned, but the results of quickly dried, softly styled hair in peace and quiet are worth the extra weight.
  • frugal shopper - Creates miracles!When I read in another review here that this was the ONLY book you need for back pain, I was skeptical. But after buying and reading three of the top-selling books on Amazon on back pain, I'd like to say that if you can only buy one book, buy this one. The first book I got helped me learn more about the medical establishment and conventional treatments. The second one on the McKenzie methods might have led me to injure myself more if I'd continued to try some of his exercises which turned out to be not safe for my herniated disk. The third book I read was Gokhale's, and I had dramatic results just from practicing one of the techniques, "Stretchlying" one night. I continued to improve as I made adjustments to my pillow and bed over the next few nights. My sciatica pain, which had only improved somewhat with months of physical therapy (and mostly from my insisting that my therapist help me improve my sitting posture), decreased 80 or 90% with "stretchlying" and has not worsened over the past few weeks. If I had bought this book several months ago I would have saved a lot of money on physical therapy. I had not been able to sleep on my back but have been able to do so comfortably using her technique and am waking up pain-free.

    I agree with another reviewer that it can be difficult to know if you are doing things correctly just from reading the book. I was only able to figure out stretchlying out of the techniques for sure on my own from the book out of all the techniques that was indicated as being safe for my condition. The proof was the dramatic decrease in pain that I experienced as a result. The rest of the techniques I am waiting to learn from Esther Gokhale's classes as I discovered I have the great good fortune of living within easy commute of where she teaches. The author's institute also offers free webinars so that you can see how you're supposed to do some of it. I found that reading the book very carefully helped me to get more out of the in-person introductory class that I took from her last night.

    Also, I stopped by the house of some friends of mine to share this discovery with them, and the husband was complaining of neck pain (which I don't have). I showed him a technique I learned in the class which is also in the book, and he had immediate relief! It was the highlight of my day. Gokhale's techniques also provide relief from tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, and strangely enough, constipation, not just back and neck pain. The information deserves to be spread exponentially and would alleviate huge amounts of physical suffering in our society.
  • Socko "tommy_a1" - This pen is amazingAs one of the designers I'm glad you find this pen is useful in particularly for women. The pen is designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The pen is designed to be a pleasure to use for any occasion. One particular feature this pen is designed for is creativity. While sometimes hard to handle, this pen is not for all users.