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  • Isabel Jones - Extremely SatisfiedI found that this book was informative to the point that I didn't even use my text book. Entire second semester I used only this review book and found myself not only far more successful but really deeply understanding the history. Having stopped short at 1970 I received a 4 on the test. Had I finished the book I'm sure I or anyone for that matter would receive a 5. I wholeheartedly recommend!
  • Tandi Wheless - Great reference bookVery nice, easy to follow drug reference guide. Extremely helpful for any nurse or CMA. I would recommend this book to anyone in the healthcare profession, students or even lay people.
  • Foncie "f1510" - Inspiring readAndy has done it again. This is a book to read and re-read and take notes. So much valuable insight. Takes a couple of reads to soak it all in. I will be giving this book to my children who now have children of their own. What great parenting information. I particularly love the encouragement of how to think outside the box in developing businesses. Simply brilliant!!
  • Proft - Perhaps the best of the State of Trance seriesArmin Van Buuren does it again in this album. Loved it! Naturally, I have my favorite tracks, but generally speaking the State of Trance series gets better with each passing year.

    I own State of Trance 2006 - 2013, and 2013 is perhaps my favorite one of all the series. For the record, "Intense" is also quite good. I wouldn't say it's better than SOT 2013, but it's worth picking up if you like Armin Van Buuren's style.

    Armin Van Buuren is what I would call Melodic Trance. He differs from artists such as Dead Maus in that there is a much richer melodic / musical progression throughout his songs. Rarely do I find myself saying, "Okay, get to the point..." in his songs. He's a master!