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  • William C. Etter "Christ Follower" - Kaspersky Internet SecurityI recently purchased Kaspersky Internet Security software. By buying it thru Amazon, it was a great value.

    It keeps my computer protected. I have used it in the past. Much better than other anti-virus products I have used. Can use it on 3 computers. Have it on my desk top and laptop.
  • sparplus1 - sparplus1Im so happy i got thos rablet i can take it anywhere i go i can even read my books n noone has to know what book im reading. I choose this tablet over the ipad because i can put a mini sdcard
  • Meniyka Kiravell - from sceptic to artistI downloaded Artist's way back in Oct 2012, but while reading reviews I got distracted and read 'Power of the Other Hand'. (Power of the other hand blew my mind and got me out of the 'artist closet.') I finally got around to The Artist Way and just finished the 12 week program today. When I started it I thought...Ok I know I'm an artist but how can I possibly do what I dream and I'm so different from others I highly doubt this book can do for me what it has done for others. Well while writing this- I'm listening to the first album I've written in over a decade...And it's better than I could have hoped. I think that's because I started to experience what this book hopes to shine a light on. Allowing creativity to flow around and through you inspite of doubt, fear and excuses. This book blows my mind in terms of what it can do for one's life. Julia Cameron is an engaging, delightful writer who often strikes gold with her metaphors... true sometimes the puns etc are a bit overdone- and at times there's a trace of sappiness, but I'm intuiting part of that reaction is just my feeling uncomfortable around such openness, sensitivity and emotion. Thank you JC...
    -Another mind opened
  • Magnum - One and done!I had horrible underarm sweat no matter the time of year, day or clothing I had on. I tried every "clinical strength" solution I could find and nothing worked. However, once I used sweat block one time (over a year ago) I haven't sweat under my arms once! All I need now is deodorant (no antiperspirant) and sometimes not even that! Amazing!