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  • Mette Kurth - Buying My Second Set of DVDs!I purchased the set of DVDs about two years ago. This is a terrific program! It is intense, but I love the fact you can do this at home. Without the lost time traveling, its takes no more time to do this program than to go to the gym three times a week. And the results are well worth it. I have gone through the program three times now, and in between in still pull out the DVDs to supplement and add weight training to my cardio workouts. Now the DVDs are finally starting to wear out, so I am buying a replacement set.
  • Sophia Hogan - Bought it for my dad for Father's DayMy dad wasn't quite Apple ready but he found this tablet a perfect fit and easy to use. Very happy with this product and my dad didn't have to learn a whole new system.
  • KMK512 - 16 weeks along - it worked!Who's to say that I wouldn't have gotten pregnant without it, but I was having a strangely long anovulatory cycle, took Fertilaid for 5 days, had a period, 2 weeks later I ovulated and voila! I won't attribute the pregnancy 100% to the product, but I think it probably helped. Worth the money.