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  • SOlson - A worthy successor to Wolf HallAnother wonderful novel by Hilary Mantel and a rightful winner of the Man Booker prize. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this turbulent period from the famous, albeit little-known, perspective of Thomas Cromwell. Mantel's writing is witty and her dialogue is convincing and compelling. I love the depth of character that she brings to each of her players and the way she takes well-known details and gives them life. I can't wait until the third installment of this trilogy, although I regret in advance Cromwell's downfall that will surely be the focus of the book. A
  • Jenny - it works!I have a uti and sometimes get a yeast infections because of the medications i take. Well if I am on this while I take my medications i get no side effects my uti does away and I never get those uncomfortable yeast infections. The only down fall is you have to constantly be on it for it to work. Once I stop taking it to see if I am okay I get the uti again and yeast infection symptoms. But overall this is a great pill ! I would highly recommend it !
  • poorcollegestudent - Fits the bill perfectly as my primary to-go machine for light work and media.I can't believe others are bagging this item and rating the laptop low solely based on the Windows RT operating system.

    I received this item last week for $299 as an early Black Friday special on the Lenovo website, and have to say that I absolutely love this computer. Prior to this computer, I owned a 13" MacBook Pro. After the trackpad broke on my Pro and I was quoted $150 at the Genius Bar to fix, I decided to use my MacBook as a permanent desktop and buy a lighter, smaller ultrabook that I could use everyday and for my college classes. (D*mn MacBook was so bulky anyway)

    I decided to buy this computer and there are several things I want to point out:

    1) This computer is designed beautifully. The surface of the laptop that your palms rest on when typing has some leathery texture to it and it feels superb. The build quality is great too. For what I got the computer for, it was a steal but I would easily be willing to pay up to $500 for this machine because of its sleek design and high quality parts. Not flimsy at all, which was what I expected.

    2) Keyboard feels great and I feel that I could type faster on this device than I could with my MacBook. Although I haven't owned a Lenovo computer prior to this, I have heard in my research that they made good keyboards, so not much surprise there.

    3) Windows RT is definitely limited. I am a college student and survive on the occasional Tetris Battle or even Settlers of Catan game. The first requires flash, the second requires Java, and as far as I know there is limited flash capability on this laptop and no Java compatibility at all. The games on the Windows Store have been enough to satiate my appetite for procrastinating though so not a huge problem here, although I could see others being a little bit more annoyed depending on what they use this machine for.

    4) The Windows Store. I have actually found everything that I've ever tried to look for on here. Facebook, check. Youtube viewer, check. Portfolio manager for the stocks I keep. Better than any other I have ever used (SigFig). One thing that was a deal breaker for me previously when looking into this computer was the lack of DropBox capabilities. Since it was only $299 I was willing to overlook that but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have since added DropBox to the Windows Store.

    5) Microsoft Office comes included. Love this, and is a reason why I decided to get this over the 11s. Another huge thing for me is battery life and this computer easily gets more than 9.

    This is a sleek and well-made machine and under $400 is a great deal. The bottom line is you need to understand that this is Windows RT. Because of lack of Java compatibility, and the lack of non-Windows-store apps if you are buying this computer for a more specific function (booking deals for work or doing VBA functions on excel) then you will be displeased. I got this item to browse the Internet, use several Internet-enabled applications (portfolio manager), listen to music while I do work, and use light PwP and Excel to do work. Now I am easily using this machine many times more than I use my MacBook Pro.

    The only thing I would change is the speed of the machine. But then I guess I would be sacrificing battery life. I guess this fits the bill perfectly.
  • J. Breimann - MADE ME FERTLE!!For months my wife and I were trying to have a baby and we had no luck. A good friend told me about the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable. Sure, I knew it was the best for connecting Ethernet-enabled devices such as printers but boy was I in for the surprise of my life!

    When my Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable arrived my wife and I simply removed it from the packaging and placed it on the night table. Before we knew it we were having babies like nobody's business!!!! SO MANY BABIES!!!!! 400 BABIES!!!!!!!!!