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  • Nate Rayburn - A Progressive/Punk Rock Classic!This is my favorite PF album even though I enjoy listening to "Wish You Were Here" more often and I agree with most critics that "Dark Side..." is their best record just due to how focused and perfect that whole album is.

    What grabs me about "Animals" is really how punk rock the lyrics are when you really get down to what they really mean. Roger is far too intelligent to just come out and name names. He's always been the best at not making the songs too personal so that you can fit your life experiences into the songs and relate to them easily. He really takes a shot at all the greedy, slimey yuppies and politicians on this record, IMO, and does it well.

    It's also Floyd at their most stripped down. The don't muck it up with too many overdubs, but still make it pretty damn full where it needs to be. I love how it begins and ends sparsely, but Gilmour nails the solos in "Dogs" and he's one of the few guys who can play a solo and you'll be "singing" the solo in your head for the rest of your life.

    I'm sure all of the components of the record were due to the way they were blasted by all punk rock kids at the time as well as the lyrical content. I think the songs needed to be a little more rough and less polished due to the subject matter. Roger is comparing humans to animals here. I wish Gilmour had listened to this more before doing his recent solo "effort", but most of all I'd like to see these guys get back in the studio and make an album. Waters still has things to say and Gilmour's voice still holds up along with his guitar playing.
  • Platinum Poison Pen - A book that makes you think about the world“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crises”.

    This is the fourth book involving Dan Brown’s hero, Prof Robert Langdon. Prof Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Florence, Italy. He has no recollection of how he got there, and is suffering from amnesia believed to be as a result of a bullet wound to the back of his head. A beautiful blond doctor on duty, Dr Sienna Brooks, is the first to interact with Robert as she tries to assist him in obtaining some answers.

    Before anything starts to make sense, there is a commotion in the passageway of the hospital, where an assassin tries to get to Robert. Quick thinking Dr Brooks assists the confused and injured Robert in escaping a second attempt on his life.

    Dr Brooks later informs Robert of an item he has in his possession. Robert has no recollection as to how he obtained the item, what it is or whether it is related to him being in Italy. In addition, Robert cannot remember the last 48 hours, and is haunted by a recurring vision of the veiled women with silver hair repeating the words “seek and ye shall find”.

    Robert and Dr Brooks are launched into a quick paced chase across the city of Florence, trying to elude the assassin(s), equipped only with the vision, the item in question and Robert’s knowledge of art history to plot the way. Here we are exposed to Dante’s writings from “Inferno” as it is cleverly weaved into the plot through Robert’s expertise.

    As the plot unfolds further, Brown succeeds in raising a concern regarding the rapid rise in the world’s human population and the effect it is having on our natural resources. There are references to scientific facts which speak for themselves and this creates a thought provoking question for the reader … what would you do?

    How does all this fit in with art history and Dante? This to me is what makes Dan Brown a brilliant Author. Dan Brown has the ability to give you some puzzle pieces and skilfully fit them together as the plot unfolds. Just when you think you are starting to see the picture, Dan Brown manages to transform the picture you thought you were seeing into something totally unexpected. The book takes some surprising turns and has you paging back after you go #WTF, did I miss something, and then realize you hadn’t missed anything other than presumed something which wasn’t (Dan Brown would be proud of my explanation here!).

    The story itself is a page turner and my only real critiques are on the following two points:
    • The first, I am not a lover of “description” and I can honestly say Dan Brown tried very hard to paint the perfect picture of Florence. This was a bit long winded for me and to get back to the story and away from the “long descriptions”, I chose to Google, look and then page on. Readers who have visited Florence will probably find these excerpts boring and long winded too, on the flip side, those who have never been to Florence might enjoy the “travel guide” walk through.
    • This book, unlike the other 3 before it, has a fair amount of reference to Robert’s thoughts. I am not sure whether Dan Brown was trying to make the head injury more realistic by placing these thoughts throughout the book, or whether Dan Brown was trying lead the reader into thinking like him. Either way, I found the “thoughts” bland for the Prof Robert Langdon I had grown to know through the other books and sadly I finished the book feeling that Robert has lost his intellectual spark and can now retire.

    That said - I still feel the plot and book deserves a 5 star. I couldn’t put the book down, and I was inspired to read it again for no other reason than I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
  • David B. Wilson - Simply the BEST band EVER!!!I wasn't at the Cleveland show, presented here, but I did catch the Time Machine tour, with the wife, when it came through Atlanta. AWESOME SHOW!!! These guys SHRED IT live - every song, note for note, just like on the albums! And don't ask me how three guys can generate such a wall of sound - we were on the LAWN, well up from the stage, and STILL couldn't hear each other talk! Simply amazing! My wife had heard Tom Sawyer, Limelight, and Free Will and liked those songs well enough but she became a TRUE Rush fan on this night! Sadly, I've only caught the boys in person twice but have scarfed up EVERY live DVD they've released. I'll be getting this one, too, and I'm sure it'll be high-quality - Rush DOESN'T do half-assed!
  • Kam1983 - A must have!I was searching for a book on various baby products and this book was just what I had been looking for! The authors go over the most popular brands of carseats, strollers, slings, swings etc. and have tons of great tips and ideas. I am so glad I bought this book...helped me make a lot of decisions and create a useful baby registry. Can't say enough good things about this book.
  • Mike Vaughan - Wow! No more, "What'd they say?"Thank you to all you wonderful Amazon reviewers. I'd never purchased a Bose product before, with the exception of possibly headphones at some point in time. We know the Bose sound is legendary, but I never really needed a Bose radio or CD player. The Solo caught my eye because I love my flat screen TV, but the speakers are only so-so at best. Like many other reviewers, I have trouble understanding some dialogue on TV. It's fine as long as there is someone around to annoy endlessly by asking "what did they say," but watching TV alone, I miss big chunks of the story & plot. The doctor says it's just "one of the vestiges of old age." Oh. Another one of those. Thanks, doc.

    So, I wondered if the Solo speaker might help, and thanks to all my hard-of-hearing contemporaries here (or should I say THANK YOU), I saw all the reviews promising that I wouldn't have to ask "what?" every 2 minutes any more. I could jump for joy after hooking up the speaker and giving it a listen, although my doctor would probably advise against it. On my TV, unlike some others mentioned here, the TV speakers work along with the Solo speaker, so it's easy to mute the Solo and hear the difference between it and the TV speakers. It's amazing. The sound is rich, and big, and crisp in a way that my surround-sound system isn't. Most importantly, in answer to my wildest hopes, I can understand every single word of dialogue, even Christian Bale mumbling behind his Batman mask. No kidding. The Bose speaker took 20 years off my age, and reduced my waist by four inches. Ok, I am kidding about that.

    As if all that isn't reason enough to get one of these gems, it has to be the simplest piece of electronics to hook up, set up & operate. It's simply two cords, one to the power outlet, and the other to the TV. They include all the cables in the box: digital optical, HDMI & RCA. Plug, plug, power. That's all. The remote is four buttons: power, mute, up & down volume. It's hard to believe that such intricate, complex sound can come from such a simple device. Thank you, Mr. Bose, wherever you are. Not only would I highly recommend this to my friends, I think everyone with a flat-screen TV owes it to themselves to get one. Seriously. This is the audio-visual experience I thought I was already having with 5.1 surround system.