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  • Danny Iny "Author and Entrepreneur" - Parachute from One Job to the Next!Richard Nelson Bolles coined the phrase "Parachuting" as a way to describe bailing out of your current job in order to find the career you really want. He was so keen on sharing his insights that he self-published `What Color Is Your Parachute' for the first time in 1970.

    The now bestseller is updated with current practical job search information each year and is a constant source of relevant career change advice. Amongst other useful tips, Bolles points us towards the most effective ways to search for jobs, how to approach prospective employers, and even how to find our own true calling.

    So many of us know how it feels to be stuck in a dead end job with that dreaded feeling of entrapment. This book is the key to the escape hatch! And its many satisfied buyers are a longstanding testament to the fact.

    This is one of the first places anyone should look to seek guidance on leaving an unsatisfying job in search of greener pastures.

    Danny Iny
    Author of the free eBook "Forget Everything You Know About Looking For a Job... And Actually Find One!"
  • Richard R - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)This is NOT a rehash of the technical specs of the tablet.
    I received my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a few moments later, I was up and running.
    I did the brief setup, signed in with my Gmail account and my existing account including calendar, applications were transferred to my new Tablet. Some applications which I favor on my Samsung Droid phone did not transfer as they are currently not compatible with the Tablet (Example CamScanner and others). Note that "Amazon Prime Instant Video" content is not currently supported on this Tablet. However, Netflix is supported.
    I removed the factory default home screen widgets (Game Hub, Movie Hub) as these are not important to me and replaced the home screen with application shortcuts, widgets and desktop background of my choice.
    The Tablet is a great "convenience" bridge between my laptop and Samsung Droid phone. For some applications, I prefer using the Tablet's larger screen rather than using the phone.
    The HD display is stunningly crisp and clear for watching movies or for reading books. Netflix streams flawlessly on the Tablet and the picture quality is ...stunning. The virtual keyboard is very precise and responsive even though I have the Otterbox screen protector over the screen.
    The built in camera is unimpressive in picture quality but I did not purchase the Tablet to be a camera. I have Nikon Pro DSLRs for that purpose.
    I did find that file transfer to the external microSD card was painfully slow but solved that issue by removing the card from the Tablet and doing my file transfers to the card while it is in a card reader instead. (32GB Class 10 microSD).
    Overall, I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 considering the price point of the product. It it simply a great product.
    Update: June 28... I had a chance to listen to music using a decent set of earphones and using "PowerAmp" Application as the media player.
    1. The sound quality is unbelievably awesome even with the equalization set to "flat" in PowerAmp.
    2. I had a Logitech "Write-Away Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Lite for iPad" hanging around and decided to test it on the Galaxy. It paired and works well on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1!
    3. In addition to the native web browser, Google Chrome and Firefox work smoothly and responsively on the Tablet.
  • Julie Arduini - I Inhaled This BookIf you are an avid reader, you get what I'm about to write. There are books. And then there are BOOKS. The first sentence you will read it, you'll like it, and you kind of forget about it. When there are BOOKS, these are authors, plots, or characters you can't let go. In some cases, it's all of these things.

    Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy was a BOOK. I'm a fan of Dekker's, reading most everything he's done (they say the Red, Black and White series was one you loved or didn't, and I just could not get into it).

    Kiss is top notch and left just enough of an opening with one part of the plot that I'm hoping the page at the end advertising Burn means this team of Dekker and Healy return to close some loose ends I'm curious about.

    This book explored so many themes at such a fast pace, it felt like a thrill ride that overwhelms you, but you don't want it to end, either. Without giving too much away, Shauna is missing most of her memory. As she starts to heal from the car accident, she experiences memories that are not hers. Or are they?

    Kiss is a book you don't want to skim, because you can't, and you don't want to. There is mystery, suspense, romance and scandal throughout the book. Redemption, greed, forgiveness, family, and the topic that I'm finally seeing getting some mainstream attention---human trafficking--are also explored.

    The characters are rich. There is no middle ground, you are either going to love characters, or be completely at the end of your patience praying certain people get theirs.

    I didn't just read this book, I inhaled it. I'm still playing pretend "what if this was a movie, who would I cast" because the book still is forefront on my mind.

    I love the tag line for Dekker and Healy's work: "A new kind of suspense...where heart pounding meets heart warming.

    Here is more information:

    Jacketed Hardcover
    By Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
    Sometimes dying with the truth is better than living with a lie.

    After a car accident puts Shauna McAllister in a coma and wipes out six months of her memory, she returns to her childhood home to recover, but her arrival is fraught with confusion. Her estranged father, a senator bidding on the White House, and her abusive stepmother blame Shauna for the tragedy, which has left her beloved brother severely brain damaged.

    Leaning on Wayne Spade, a forgotten but hopeful lover who stays by her side, Shauna tries to sort out what happened that night by jarring her memory to life. Instead, she acquires a mysterious mental ability that will either lead her to truth or get her killed by the people trying to hide it. In this blind game of cat and mouse that stares even the darkest memories in the face, Shauna is sure of only one thing: if she remembers, she dies.
  • PGH "PGH" - Best Antivirus AvailableCheck any of the independent antivirus labs results and G Data ALWAYS ranks at the very top. I have installed this program, included with the G Data Internet Security, on multiple client computers and have had no problems in installation or performance. If you've been using another antivirus, such as Symantec and McAfee, install the trial of this program from the G Data site and be surprised at what malware it finds that has been sitting on your computer that the other software didn't detect.