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  • Carrie - My body craves this!As a busy mom, this is the first thing I put in my body every morning, at 6:15 am, and it will last me until about 9:30 am, where I have a light snack before lunch. I love this stuff! I don't understand all the negative reviews about the tast, I crave it. It's a healthy taste. I prefer to prepare mine with one scoop to a basic 16oz glass of cold water. I mix in about 2 tsp of raw organic sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Makes it perfect, if you ask me. Taste great, and fills me up for a few hours. A great way to get the day going.
  • Staci M - A Must read for everyone with Colitis, Crohns and IBSWhen I was told about this book I was very skeptical but after being deathly ill for three months and going to the doctor many times only to be told they either don't know whats wrong with me or they think my symptoms are all in my head I certainly had nothing to lose.
    Its been a week since this wonderful book arrived and its been a week since I've had a flare up.
    Changing my diet has done more for my condition than all the pain killers the doctors pushed in my face.
    I'm still somewhat weak but I don't wake up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom anymore, My cramps are mostly gone. I no longer see blood when I go to the bathroom.
    my BM's are normal again.
    The recipes in this book are easy to follow and the diet is still somewhat normal tasting.
    I was so happy to find out I could use garlic,onions and butter.
    I miss red wine ,but someday I know I'll be healthy enough to drink dry white wine.
    I do wish there was some sort of calorie count with these recipes and an actual list of white wine brands I can drink later on, but those are minor complaints in comparison to being able to stay awake and leave my house again.
    This book has become one the most important books in my life.
  • K. M. Martin - Fascinating Dystopia by Debut AuthorTAKEN was a very promising debut novel. The characters were well-written and well-rounded and the writing didn't get in the way of the story. There was enough description and world-building and the author didn't inundate us with large info-dumps.

    TAKEN stands out among the large current crop of dystopias because of its well thought out plot and intriguing characters. Grey Weatherby is the younger more impulsive brother. When his older brother Blaine reaches eighteen and is removed from their town of Claysoot--"heisted" as the residents say, Grey doesn't know what he should do next. When he finds a part of a letter that his mother wrote Blaine as she was dying, he begins to look for answers to the new questions it brings up.

    Grey decides to climb the wall that surrounds Claysoot, even though everyone else who has tried has been found near the inner wall as a burned up body. Learning that he was a twin and has passed the time when he should have been heisted, makes him believe that he will be able to successfully cross over the wall. But he doesn't go alone. Grey has had a crush on Emma, the healer's daughter, for a long time but she seemed to prefer Blaine. Now that Blaine is gone and Grey has been slated for Emma, they become better friends. When Grey leaves, Emma follows him. Together they discover a world that they couldn't imagine.

    This story has it all--exciting adventure, great danger, a dastardly villain, and noble rebels--and Grey and Emma find themselves in the thick of it. There is even a potential love triangle as Grey meets a rebel girl named Bree who fascinates him with a courage and recklessness much like his own.

    Fans of dystopias will enjoy this one. I know that I am eager to read the next book in this trilogy myself.