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  • Swag88 - Great monitorWe have used a 2012 version and just got 2 of the 2013 versions. Love them. They give crisp clear pics in both light and dark. Other reviewers have thought the 4 quadrant screen is too small, i dont agree, and it only takes a tap to enlarge the feed from any camera. The setup of viewing from in the house (on the same wifi network) is a piece of cake. External viewing can be more difficult, but I had help setting up our 2012 version so setup for me took less than 15 minutes to setup both. The audio is fine for us, also we have white noise in our children's rooms and can still hear crying over the white noise without an issue. the iPad/iPhone app works great with tons of options for viewing and background audio even after the app has close. Customer service is top notch, available even at night and weekends to assist with device setup and trouble shooting. Highly recommended.
  • Lisa S. - Really Works!!This product has brought me such peace of mind. I was leery of ordering it because it is expensive but I considered the cost of the medications that seemed to be the alternative and realized they would quickly add up to this initial cost. I also like that this option is completely natural. It really works and takes moments a day. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering this embarassing problem.
  • Molly C. Cichy - Pairs well with filet mignonThis slightly opaque whole milk opens with a fragrant black cherry and black raspberry bouquet with hints of menthol and vanilla. On the palate, this milk is medium bodied, well balanced, and satiny. The flavor profile is a tasty mild blackberry with notes of plum and dark chocolate. I also detected a dash of black pepper and a hint of oak as well. It was quite complex. The finish is dry and lingering. I would suggest pairing this gem with filet mignon.
  • achilles last stand - The most succesful floyd albumThe wall is the finest cd in my collection.No album will sell over 23 million copies unless it is good so a lot of people know about this album's worth.Very few bands can create such magic as floyd with masterpieces as Comfortably numb which is my favourite songs.Buy this with Gilmour's latest album.
  • Carles - Best solution everOk. So I had this HUGE problem just 3 days before an important meeting. I am currently out of my country and I am waiting for an implant procedure and I lost my temporary tooth, so of course I was unable to smile or even pronounce certain words. So looking through the internet and after receiving virtually no help from local dentists on my case, since no one would attend me right away and the lowest quote to what I needed was near the $600 I finally found the temptooth site and sincerely this product works wonders.

    It's really easy to use and the manual and included CD are idiot-proof. Within 20 mns I was able to model a pretty decent tooth that no one and I mean NO ONE was able to detect. You won't need anything more than a little patience and as the manual says in no time you'll be modeling back-up pieces. The material is so great it's really easyt to correct mistakes and end up with a temporary tooth with an appearance and ease of use that at least for me exceeded my expectations.

    Please note that this review is real and I know the stress that this situation can cause. I would really recommend this product to anyone who hasn't have either the money or the time to get a tooth implant. I'm not really into writing reviews, but I think this is the exception because of the importance of a situation like thin on anybody's life and because I saw a bad review that is very far away from reality.

    Since it was a metter of "emergency" I made this clear to the people at temptooth and they were able to send me the kit after less than 48 hours. I really appreciated the customer support given by this guys.

    So again, if you're in big black-hole trouble this is the product to look for.
    thanks a lot