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  • P. Costello - Well-written, intimate look at Henson's life and friendships. From when children mattered!This book is a well-written, sympathetic portrait of the person who made growing up in the 60s and 70s enjoyable. The portrait of Henson here resonates with the kind of emotional complexity and openness that his finished products displayed. Henson was someone who understood the beauty of friendship and tried to encourage that possibility in the lives of the children and adults he made puppets and movies for--at least in the early years before things like Muppet Babies etc. This biography is full of interesting anecdotes and little known features of Henson's life. But what I like about it is that it helps us not to forget what kind of person takes children seriously as philosophically complex beings. Now, as we see so many children's shows that come after his, we see what is lacking. We may never have a society that generates a person like Henson again--with our focus on slashing budgets for education, slashing services for the poor, and a move away from friendship toward suspicion and enmity. But this book helps us remember and preserve--there once was a man named Jim Henson. And, like Fred Rogers or Pete Seeger, he met children where they were and tried to help them reach beyond their situations toward a life that would be flexible, multi-cultural, and meaningful.
  • Mihaela - This book helped meThis book helped me. I did not know that my back pain was posture related before reading this book and the doctor I went to did not suggest a posture problem either. Easy to try and very inexpensive compared to going to doctor/surgery.
  • Greg Killmaster - really find drive so farHope I'm not jumping the gun here but I just ordered another one of these. It is super fast compared with my older drive. Not sure if that's because of USB 3.0 or what. This drive is also silent by comparison. The thing that tipped me over the edge was to see the Seagate Rep. respond online to peoples comments and was willing to discuss solutions to problems. This is very impressive and was probably the reason I decided to go with Seagate as opposed to WD. I'm just crossing my finger and hoping this drive lasts some years and not just months...! I'm on a Mac using Mavericks. So far so good.
  • D. K. Stokes - first of an amazing seriesWow. Why have I not heard of Nalini Singh before? The cover of Slave to Sensation assures me she's a bestselling author. Somebody's been falling down on the job.

    This is a science fiction romance, which accounts for some of my excitement. There are plenty of fantasy romances, but not so many science fiction ones. And the premise is not uncommon in science fiction books: a race of futuristic humans have suppressed emotions in an attempt to eliminate violence, but it goes awry.

    But there's more to it than that, and it's all in the way it's written.

    Sascha Duncan is a Psy--one of the race with psychic abilities that control this future world. In fact, she's a Cardinal Psy, meaning she has the potential for great power, but she's living far beneath her potential because she's "broken." All Psy have been trained since birth to suppress their emotions, but Sascha's been feeling emotions, and fears that her mind is on the verge of collapse. She's desperate to hide it as long as she can, because the alternative is a "rehabilitiation" that would wipe her mind, leaving no trace of her self.

    Lucas Hunter is a Changeling, and leader of the DarkRiver pack of were-leopards. He's working with Sascha on a joint Psy-Changeling construction project, but has a hidden motive: finding a serial killer, a Psy who's been preying on young Changeling women.

    Their story is emotionally intense. Sascha's thoughts and reactions are very realistic, as she's feeling emotions more and more, and trying to interpret them and what they mean. Both of them have things they have to hide from each other, and Sascha in addition has to hide her newfound emotional state from the other Psy, particularly from her mother.

    The mystery is well done, as are the paths Sascha and Lucas take to unravel it. In the process, they both find out things about themselves and their pasts, and the politics of their world. Which is another reason I liked this story so much: the intrigue.

    The future world of Slave to Sensation is a complete one, with a history and complex societies. I can see several directions open to the series, so I hope it goes on a long time.

    My only, very minor niggle is the cover and title. My first impression, at a glance, was that it was a BDSM erotic romance. It's not. I wouldn't have minded if it were, but I do fear that some readers will be disappointed, and some readers who'd have liked the sf-romance blend might miss it. Of course, most people probably do read the back of the book before buying, so maybe it's not a problem.

    I'll definitely be looking for Nalini Singh's backlist, and watching for her future books.
  • Rochelle Behling - The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods That Are Making Your FatVery interesting information. I have heard many of these facts in other articles. It was great to have the why behind the factual information. My daughter and I refer to the book all the time. The recipes are very enjoyable. You need time to read and prepare before getting started. It helps to do with another person. My daughter helps me prepare the meals. She has even stated how she has tried many foods she normally wouldn't eat. We are both losing weight and it started after the first day. Very motivating!