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  • Aiden's Mommy - Great Product!This Fisher-Price Kick an Play Piano is great! My 3 month old son loves to kick and feel things on his feet, plus when he is able to sit up the piano folds up so he can play it with his hands! I am actually able to put him down for a little while and he is occupied- the toys and the mirror are big so he can really grab them and see himself. Amazon had the cheapest price anywhere for this item-trust me I looked elsewhere!
  • greeneyes62 - Lost 2.2 lbs yea yea yea!I have been taking these pills for only 2 day and have lost a couple of pounds without exercise or changing the way I eat. The seller is also wonderful, there was some mixup with my order but they took care of thing immediately. I will be purchasing these pills again from this seller
  • Leonard Frances Lasecki - Great ValueI don't think there is a better value cell phone out there. I paid $100 with contract, plus the charging plate was free. After seeing co-workers with their otter boxed iphones, I will stick with my 920. The operating system is great, super smooth, and fast. My phone browses the internet quicker than my new laptop, thus I use my phone more. GPS with maps is a great feature and is nice to have when living in a region where cell service can be non-existent. Many have complained about the size and weight, but I prefer it. The larger screen makes business emails much easier to type, and the overall larger size/weight is a plus for working in a rugged environment. An otter box is a must on an iphone in my business, otherwise the screen will will not last. I don't worry about that with the 920, but do plan on adding a screen protector and thin case merely to keep the phone free of dirt.
  • OneFish - SodaStream is awesome!I love this product. I've been using it for over a year now and it is excellent!

    There's no batteries, no cords, plus if you take the CO2 canister to BB&B they nock $5 off your new one. I've gone through 4 cartridges in a year and my husband drinks a disgusting amount of soda. No more lugging cans up 3 flights of stairs!!

    I have a couple of suggestions. There's 3 sizes of bottles-small, medium, and large. The medium bottles hold more carbonation than the large ones.
    Also, for those of you who want Coke and Pepsi, get a Sams Club membership. They sell huge bags of syrup online. I just poured it into a gallon jug and put it in the cabinet.

    I'll also tell you that this thing is great for making jaggerbombs. The "red bull" syrup totally works. Plus I'm in school, so, yeah the energy syrup does the trick.

    I highly recommend this product. My favorite syrup is diet orange btw. It's awesome.
  • C. F. Field "Grampa Fred F" - Amazing young ladyThis book is not at all graphic. It deals more with Elizabeth's mental feelings as she endured 9 months of abuse, filth, long periods without food or water, boredom, fear, and missing her family. The audio book is apparently read by Elizabeth herself. I bought the hard cover and read it all over 2 days. I admire her strength.