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  • Robert Salsbury - High Speed Low Drag Instrument of DeathWhaddya do?

    I'm in some dive in New Mexico. If this isn't Area 51 it oughta be. These mokes can't be humans. Whatev.

    This bikerdroid gives me the look. Sizing me up. My head is pounding from driving and drinking cheap domestic all day. Don't need this fool. He walks over his SS tattoo on his forehead absorbing all incandescent light in this drunkhole.

    Not now thug. He's talking but the words are just grunts and yammers. My sig is under the front seat of my rented Festiva. My karambit is in my jacket in the back seat. Got nothing. This b-boy is pulling something from his waistband. On the barcounter I spot a pink pen. WTF. The bartender, some she-boar named Marge is beefing with an old critter who looks like Willie Nelson if Willie had been a kangaroo rat.

    I swing the pen into the bad guy's good eye. No scream. He makes only a funny squeak. That's a new one. Down. I kick him over to see what he was drawing out of his pants to punch my ticket. I laugh. It was a dog eared copy of Desolation Angels by Kerouac. Who knew? Screw him. Tell it to the devil, punk.

    I yank the girlie pen out of his eye socket. Wipe it off and slide it in the pocket on my faded almost white vintage Levis denim shirt. Best tactical pen I've ever used. Fast and slim like my old lady but as feminine as a virgin nun pole dancing for Jesus. Get it, punks. Or don't get it. I don't give a damn.
  • William Peters - Worth the wait for meI've been really enjoying Diablo 3. I was a fan of Diablo 2 and have been excited about this new version.

    I haven't finished the game yet but wanted to put up a review to counter all the 1 star reviews. 1 star. Really? Is it really that black and white? I found it funny that some 1 star customer reviews described playing through the whole game, even with multiple characters and then having a 1 star opinion. The last game I played that I would have rated 1 star I stopped playing after 10 minutes.

    Yes, it is a lot of Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was awesome.

    Yes, you need to log-in to play. I'm sure part of this is for piracy issues. Guess what, game developers need to make money. The music and software businesses are in serious trouble because of piracy. If they can't make money they won't make games anymore and then there won't be anything to complain about.

    I'm really enjoying the game. I'm playing the wizard. I think I'll do the witch doctor next. It is fun and challenging but keeps you wanting to play on and on. The skills and weapons are interesting. The levels are cool. Get it!
  • T. Tisher - Great makeupI work in a Plastic Surgeons office, and we sell another high end mineral makeup. It cost much more than Bare Minerals. My opinion is Bare Minerals is better. It covers much better, and looks more natural. The one thing I discovered is that instead of using the brushes that are recommended, I apply with a round makeup sponge. The coverage is better that way. Also you can dab alittle more to cover any area you need to with your sponge. And if your oily at all, a must is Mineral Veil. Love this product and I have used it for years. Liquid makeup has so may fillers that are bad for your skin, and they also use dangerous ingredients like glycol.
    Another big plus is ease of application. Mineral makeup cuts you foundation time in half. You never have to worry about that unsightly cut off point.
  • CrystalCorolla - This product is awesome!!!My CEL had been lit for a very long time (months). We were on the line to pay over $400 for a new catalytic converter. Just didn't have it at the time, so we read about Cataclean. Generally, I'm skeptical of product claims such as this but decided to give it a shot. After resetting the CEL, I drove my car, first, for about 72 miles and the CEL popped back on. Reset the CEL again and my trip odometer, lo and behold, I'm up to 97 miles and the CEL has not come back on. I passed my emissions test with flying colors!!! My husband and I are going to keep the trip odometer running to see if the light comes back on and if so, at what mileage. The product worked well for us!
  • Rangerbet - Confused on other remarksI was not going to download Quicken 2011 after reading the other reviews. But I did and was glad. I have been using Quicken since 1998. My last purchase was in 2005. The product was so easy to use and I no longer made mistakes I could not find in my bank account. Quicken 2011 does not seem to be much different from the other Quickens I have owned.