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  • tomplant - So Far, So GoodI have to admit, I was nervous after reading the reviews - but after a month of riding on the bike, it has performed very well. The iFit interface is very clunky and it connects about 70% of the time. Sometimes you just have to use the on board TDF stages, but the provide a good workout. The bike is pretty great. It is quiet, smooth and not having to reach down and crank a knob to change resistance is just awesome. The shifting is pretty realistic and the manual mode works very well.

    The weakest link is the interface with iFit - Hopefully, they will provide customers with some other options of applications to work with - with such a powerful bike, locking customers into one software provider seems very 90s. It would be great if developers could provide applications that users could choose to subscribe to - maybe Proform will consider this in the future. It seems a shame to demerit a good bike because of a lousy software provider.

    My customer service with iFit has been fine - I usually can't get through on the phone and they call me back within a day. I think their product is just not so great.

    Prospective customers should know that the "stages" they provide are actually 3-15 mile segments. In fact, I think there's a software capacity limit of 25 miles for the google maps interface. I was under the impression I'd be able to go out there and ride a full stage - that's not the case. Not a big deal, but customers considering the bike should know this. Also, as far as I can tell, there is no way other than iFit to load user generated google maps.
  • TheHandsomeDan "TheHandsomeDan" - So great I bought another one for my significant otherLoved mine, got one for the girlfriend, now she loves it! Good battery life, very nice screen, and good performance. This isn't a budget machine, this is a great tablet that happens to come with a budget price.
  • U. Lopez - there's nothing like kaspe. (KIS all versions)After tried many antivirus like Norton (calification C), mccafee (F), AVG (B). I switched to kaspersky,(A++++) and virus problem is over!. The protection is serious and highly, the software could be "customizable", you can choose, a lite, medium,or STRONG protection, if you want. And when I said "STRONG" is Strong. stop the minimun threat.
    something that I like is that block annoying banner ads or that someone might accidentally click on one of these, and be redirected to malicious sites. announcement like the famous "visitor 10000" or "you're the winner." its over now with Kaspersky. This Flat characteristics none of the antivirus to use before, has been implemented. for any reason going to change or try another antivirus. This has it and does it all. besides the ranking is high 98% efficiency. I recommended if you want a real protection.
  • Ann R Shelton - Become a HONY Fan!If you are not a HONY website fan or FB follower, you should be! Brandon has taken a gentle and caring look at the beauty behind the many faces of New York by including interesting quotes from them. HONY humanizes the images of a huge city through his gentle and successful approach. I bought four! Because I wanted to give them as gifts to people I know who appreciate the great variety and unique specialty of individuals if you just take the time to look past the initial glance. LOVE this book!