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  • theTruth - Easy to install, very fast (Early 2008 MBP 15 in) (UPDATED!!)Let me start by saying I know nothing about the internal workings of a computer. Before performing this upgrade, I taught myself to change the RAM on my specific computer by looking up videos on YouTube. My computer's RAM was upgraded, and I noticed a little improvement in the speed, but not by a lot. So I realized not long after that I needed an SSD.

    Before purchasing the Crucial M500 SSD, I spent days googling this issue to ensure I:
    1) would buy the correct SSD that is compatible with my MBP (Model A1260)
    2) had the procedure to swap out the drives practically memorized (so that I wouldn't be stuck while doing it). Side note: Crucial gives an amazing step by step guide to changing the HD for each computer type on their website for free. If you have a Macbook Pro A1260, the link to the specific tutorial I used is here:

    Next, I needed to gather the correct materials to perform the procedure. You need two different types of screw drivers. Instead of going out and buying them, I used my screw driver from my eye-glasses repair kit. It is double sided, and one side worked with the smaller screws, while the other side worked with the screws requiring the Torx 6 screw driver.

    I installed the SSD with no problems by following the tutorial step by step. Then I turned the computer on and waited. Black screen. My heart sank. THEN, 6 seconds later, it turned on! I am not sure why it took that long to turn on, but thank goodness it turned on at all. I had to put in my Snow Leopard install disk so that I could then download Mountain Lion from the App Store.

    The install time of Snow Leopard took was about 1 hour - a very long time. Mountain Lion installed in about half an hour. I thought because these install times were so slow, that something must be wrong with the SSD. Not so - after everything was installed, my computer was running faster than it ever has. Applications open up in a split second. It goes to sleep and wakes from sleep in a split second. It also restarts in an incredibly short amount of time. I love this drive, and also the fact that I was able to install it myself without any problems.

    If any problems do occur, I will update this review.

    Update on 09/25/2013

    I've had this SSD for about a month now, and it is working beautifully. This update is just to inform everyone that is considering buying it (or that has already bought it) that Crucial has released a firmware update for the M500 (released yesterday).

    To check which "revision" (i.e., version) of the firmware you have on a Mac, visit:

    The actual updated firmware download can be found here:

    The process to update the firmware can be found here:
  • true believer - absolutely amazing results!!!I bought this because I was having odor problems for years. I had been to the doctor got tested for everything and nithing was wrong.. . and tried every antibiotic available as well as all over the counter treatments. I just figured I would have to live with this problem and almost cried on a daily basis. My husband was very understanding but after 15 years I was so embarassed to b with him.
    NOT ANYMORE! !! I usually think all products are scams...but I was so shocked by this one. Water and stainless steel???? Who knew? I was so desperate to try anything.. and im so glad I came across this. It truly works. I feel fresh all discharge or odor. This thing saved my sex life and my husband is sooooo much happier too. Thank you Abbott! !! U are a Godsend!