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  • Love History - The best so farOf the Outlander books I've read, this is my favorite so far. It loosens up on the constant violence against Jamie that was in book 1, but keeps the adventure along with the great descriptions, great use of all five senses to really put you right there in the middle of the action, along with a vivid sense of history, and providing lots of the little interesting historical details of the time and place which so many readers of historical fiction love. Great work, Diana!
  • K. Beall-Sabnani - Great productConsidering we have went through 3 of the VTEC Vreaders, and had many problems with them freezing up we were aprehensive about purchasing any new game tablet for our 5 yr old daughter. After reading the reveiws on this product I decided to give it a try, and have been very satisfied that there have been no hickups so far, although we have only had it a little over a month, We purchased the LeapPad 2 with the AC adapter for charging since part of our frustration with the vreader was how quickly it went through the batteries! I ended up spending more on batteries than the initial toy! In any case, so far, so good.
  • jamashley - this thing is incrediblethis is the perfect game system for kids its educational, portable, uses regular batteries and charges, is very durable (my son has dropped many many times) and has plenty of memory for there videos,music,pictures (yes this thing has a camera,very cool), video games, and apps which they have many on there website (wish they had at least a couple free ones on there), this thing can also use cartridge games so they dont use up memory when you start getting low. get sponge bob foaming fists its a game kids and parents will love to play together i highly recommend this thing dont get the cheap one just get this one.
  • Yannos D. Misitzis "Yannos" - I think I've seen you people on Yelp!Whenever I see a low rating for a restaurant on Yelp, I go ahead and look at the reasons for people's marking them down. I don't really think "the waiter had a cold," "the music was too loud," or "I went to a wings place and the nachos were awful" are valid criteria to measure the food...

    I understand that people are disappointed/mad. I am DEFINITELY disappointed/mad. But the game is FANTASTIC! It's a brilliant update of the core game and genre to current-day parameters. The ambitions to create a shared experience is something I always wanted to see in SC4, and the ability to manage some (or all) of the cities in a region is exactly what I loved doing in that older iteration (one town for dirty industry, one for tech, one for dense commercial, etc.).

    Origin/EA has done a mortifying job unrolling a very ambitious project. Surely they should provide all who purchased the game ahead-of-time some sort of consolation, even if it's just token in size. Upgrade us all to deluxe, or give us credits to buy future DLC. Anything!

    HAVING SAID THIS: I feel terrible for everyone who made this game and has worked to get the servers optimized. How affected are our lives, really? The creators and administrators (not to mention the PR reps) are A) pariahs to the entire gaming community, B) working as hard as they can to fix the problems (albeit way too little, too late) C) soon to be out of a job (some will be black-sheeped for it all, of course). Again, what is that pain against our minor-to-moderate annoyance?

    Long-winded way to say: Please rate the game, not the way the launch has gone. Creative criticism would speak so much louder than this double-barreled hatred.
  • Melissa Robinson "Melissa" - A Literary Gem, My Dear Watson! The Count of Monte Cristo As Told By Sherlock Holmes!I am a huge Sherlock homes fan so imagine my surprise when I came across this little gem. It was like a mash up of Sherlock Holmes and The Count of Monte Cristo. It was like the Holy Ghost writer was channeling Sherlock Holmes and The Count of Monte Cristo to make this piece of literary beauty. It's so detailed oriented. You can see it playing out as though you're sitting in a movie theater. Beautiful! Highly Recommend!