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  • Jorge G - What can I say.. It's office for Mac!First off if you have a Mac, you have thee best computer ever made!!
    This office for Mac works flawlessly, I have had no issues using this software. Being a college student and most people owning a PC this helped me share documents with no problems.
    I highly recommend having this on your Mac.
  • Erica Stephan - Where There Is No Health InsuranceI bought this book for traveling in Latin America but upon returning home have nicknamed my copy "Where There Is No Health Insurance". It's readable and specific (no medical euphemisms) and doesn't take the usual home health manual tack of "if you suffer anything more than a paper cut, you must go immediately to a Licensed Professional who will charge you $500 to recommend rest and fluids." My advice to the uninsured is to read this book CAREFULLY from cover to cover, then go to Mexico and stock up on basic antibiotics, etc that are available over the counter there. You will no longer have to choose between ignoring your health problems and incurring massive debt (and people claim this book is not relevant to the US!)
  • Sandi - Norton 360 Premier is a WinnerPurchased this product because it does a great job keeping my computer safe and I have been using Norton for several years. Like it much better than any other product used. Arrived from Amazon very quickly. Will continue to use Norton 360 Premier as long as it performs as well as it does now.
  • H. Watkins - Great productI read many review for and against before I decided on trying Wen. It really is awesome! Some people complain that they didn't feel it washed out all the way. I use a little V05 shampoo first, rinse and then the Wen. I never have a problem after that. My hair is so much softer, super healthy and looks great. I used Pantene for years and never thought I would switch but Wen is soooo much better.
  • Jonathan Cortez - Not what I wanted at all!I bought this thinking it'd be a good exercise for a real man. I wanted inordinately large biceps and pecs completely out of proportion to my chicken legs. I wanted my arms to be so unflexible I'd have to hire a servant just to put on my shoes. My girlfriend also did this program with me thinking she'd get so skinny people would mistake her for gollum because she wanted to wear a bikini and not feel fat.

    Instead, we both got toned, lean bodies with even muscle proportions with lots of flexibility, endurance, and agility. Neither of us were fat to begin with, and we actually gained weight. How absurd! Total waste of our time and money.

    Also, it's impossible to have good form from these videos. The instructor only specifies how to do every exercise properly once or twice with extra tips for tricky positions. I can't follow instructions well, so that was confusing. Also, there's two or three other people in every video doing the exercises properly with multiple camera angles showing everything but a close up of their buttcrack. This just wasn't enough for me to understand.

    I ended up getting severely injured from all the push ups. The instructor advises people with bad wrists to use push-up bars or dumbbells for pushups. That is clearly for p******, so I ignored it. As I have bad wrists from finger frakking my girlfriend daily at obtuse angles, my wrists got so injured I had to be hospitalized. I blame p90x for giving completely safe alternatives that I didn't follow.