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  • Russ Emrick - This book is about Discipleship more than anything elseI can't praise this book highly enough. Please don't avoid the book because of the subject or the author's theological conclusions. Washed and Waiting can help every Pastor, believer, and disciple. It is an honest and transparent story of one mans struggle with temptation, lust, loneliness and sin. While not all of us struggle with homosexuality surely all of us struggle with those other issues.

    The breath of study and theological reflection is remarkable. Mr. Hill quotes luminaries such as Dallas Willard, Henri Nouwan, Piper and C. S. Lewis. Wesley doesn't reach his conclusion that "homosexuality is part of our value and giftendness to the church, but homosexual sex is sin" lightly. The question of how God uses sinful people or how grace trumps what we clearly believe to be sin won't be settled by this book. Why God chose to use such people as Lonnie Frisbee, Marsha Stevens, Ted Haggard and the countless others throughout history who have struggled with homosexuality remains a mystery. The fact that God does use such people is incontrovertible.

    The author challenges the church and its leadership. How can we offer help and companionship to those who struggle? Does God offer no other solution to woundedness as a path of sanctification? Has the church raised marriage to place it was never created to be? What is community for believers and how can everyone participate?

    I suggest that anyone quick to jump on homosexuality as the most heinous of sins read Cornelius Plantinga's wonderful book "Not the Way It's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin." The fall mars all of us deeply - far more than we know or are willing to acknowledge. The church's response has been weak, Pharisaical in-fact. I found "Washed and Waiting" to be a corrective and much needed start of a dialog on how to help lonely hurting fellow believers.

    Here is just one example of Wesley's challenge to us all: "What if the church were full of people who were loving and safe, willing to walk alongside people who struggle? What if there were people in the church who kept confidences, who took the time to be Jesus to those who struggle with homosexuality? What if the church were what God intended it to be?" This challenge goes far beyond those struggling with sexual sin. I remember Chuck Smith talking about elders wanting to kick out members who brought sand in on their feet from the beach (hippie days). His wise solution was to remove the carpet. People are more important than behaviors that we judge and use to think better of ourselves by.

    This book has changed my life - and how I minister to others. A part of me had given up on discipleship - of fighting against the many temptations that assail me every day - from gluttony to lust to bitterness to gossip. This book reminded me that others have far greater struggles and yet remain faithful. Wesley's courage, dedication to Christ, and his commitment to pleasing our Lord is amazing. It encourages me beyond words.

    This is a book I believe every believer should read if for no other reason than to become a better Christian yourself. Certainly it is a book that every Pastor should read - whether you agree or not that the only solution to homosexual struggles is celibacy. This book will give you insight into an area few of us know or struggle with - sexual needs destined never to be met, with all that such involves: loneliness, rejection, fear, depression, broken fellowship. I implore believers to read this and hear what the Spirit would say to His church at this time. The problem isn't going way. We need to learn how to support, walk alongside and be as Jesus would be to everyone.
  • Someone Who Reads - My Dr. recommended itI knew I had a problem years ago and had suspected Bipolar Disorder so I decided to see a psychiatrist to find out what it was exactly. I was diagnosed with bipolar and had a general idea of what it was from internet research but I wanted to learn a little more and have something on hand to get my family to understand what it was I was dealing with (and themselves as well) so this was recommended to me by my doctor at the time.

    I know some of the reviewers took exception to the levity in the book or the fact that it doesn't go in depth into the disorder, as for the later, it's a book for beginners, hence the "for Dummies" part of the title. This is a book for someone who is just beginning to dip their toes into the understanding of BD, this isn't a textbook. Yes, you kind find this information online, but you have to research it, a lot, and in multiple places, which can make things confusing for someone just starting out. Especially if the websites aren't based on the continually updated information (and not just someones opinion). The fact that all the basic and core information is in one neat little book, and clearly outlined and organized, puts things in a much clearer way not only for the owner of the book, but for the people around the owner. It's much more easier taking out a book and pointing to a passage for the sake of showing someone else rather then opening up multiple sites and pages to find the same information. Using the internet when it's just that individual involved makes sense and can be much more convenient, but when it comes to a mental disorder, the people around the person diagnosed are as much a part of the diagnosis as they are. And if you do want to go in depth, the book is a nice place to pinpoint specifics so you know what to look for online.

    As for the levity, bipolar disorder is a serious disorder, a lot about the disorder can be very ugly and it's very difficult, both for the person and for everyone around them. I have bipolar disorder, I have to deal with it, I have to understand it, but I don't have to learn about it in a coldly sterile "this is serious business" kind of way. To be quite frank it would probably put me off on trying to understand it, especially if I'm just starting out trying to understand it. The levity takes the edge off, the humor allows you to get a little closer and put your guards down, and that can mean the difference between coming to terms and remaining in denial and ignorance.

    This is the perfect book for understanding what Bipolar Disorder is, it is basic, but the title should have been a hint. It's the perfect starting off platform and I'm incredibly glad I bought it. If you want and need only one book about BD then I'd recommend this one, even if you're looking for more this should be one of them. This book isn't an in depth understanding, it's just the beginning. And it is just a book of information, not really a book of what it's like from who lives with it.
  • "bstockli" - Pink Floyd all the wayAnimals- an album that I have heard referred to many times as the 'forgotten album'. I truly believe this is one of floyd's best. Waters writes great, moving lyrics on this album, and David Gilmour plays some amazing guitar solo's on songs like 'dogs' and 'Pigs, 3 different ones'. Pigs on the wing 1 is a slow acoustic work that really sets the mood of the album(Pigs on the wing 2 brings you back to the end) While Dogs, Sheep, and Pigs are all long great music pieces. All in all, Pink Floyd combines great talent and creativity to create another hit album.
  • sunny'smom - Another UseActually have not had to use this product for fleas yet this summer, thank goodness. And I'm happy I ordered it early on when the price was much lower. However, because of the unusual dampness here the past few months I have once again begun to have an ant problem. About a decade ago a friend went to Australia and my souvenir was a package of wipes to help rid anyone having a problem with ants. The wipes contained peppermint and clove oil. The wipes worked to eliminate my problem. So, I am presently using the Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Home Spray for that purpose and happy to report I am having great success! Maybe it will help others having the same problem with ants.
  • Carroll C - Does the JobWillMaker Plus is easy to use and guides you through your documents with interview questions that it saves and places in the approproiate blanks. I figure that attorneys must use similar software. You know they don't do each one from scratch as if they never prepared such a document before. Local probate officials here in SC won't say much if you ask whether a will made with purchased softeware is acceptable. But the answer I got told me enough - "You can use the software or you can use an attorney." With that, I bought the software and am glad I did.