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  • Kendra C. Williams - WELL WORTH IT!!!!Absolutely hands down my favorite appliance in my kitchen!!! I can't wait to create a blast evwryday, its wonderful. I pre cut my fruit once a week and put them in freezer bags, makes the smoothie cold without adding ice and guards against rotten fruit, therefore saving $$$. I LOVE THE NUTRIBULLET!!! A co-worker introduced me to it and now there are a few others who are purchasing it as well.
  • Shelba - Finally relief for IBSI have suffered from IBS off and on for many years. It progressively worsened as I grew older. Since I started the Align, I have had welcome relief. It is the first product to control my symptoms without causing more problems. The doctor prescribed medications caused more problems than cures. I would recommend it for a trial to anyone suffering from IBS.
  • Jennifer Baumgardner - Great work outThis is a fantastic work out. I don't have the time or motivation to follow it exactly as you are supposed to, but if you do, I can imagine you'll get great results. Even with using it less frequently than recommended, I can really feel it work on my muscles, and it's a pretty fun and engaging work out.