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  • Christine Zibas "AnythngArt" - Fascinating Places, Well Written TalesThere’s hard not to find compelling writing in this anthology. Indeed, for the most part, these travel writers go beyond what we expect when it comes to sharing travel information and experiences. The selected writers here take readers deep into their experience, the way only a novelist can. It’s about the stories more than the travel, and yet a sense of place is very much present in each and every tale.

    There are many unexpected delights, perhaps none more than the story of a man who didn’t spend his year traveling along the US-Mexico border. There are those who over-pack (the bane of all travel aficionados) and those who tell tales about family adventures (yes, and interesting nonetheless).

    The most meaningful tales shared here are those in which travel challenges the perception and the person. For example, Colleen Kinder’s tale of being a woman in Cairo’s markets is something every single woman traveler can relate to. Some adventures horrify (Sam Anderson’s tale of a Dickens theme park), some are quests (like David Farley’s “Vietnam’s Bowl of Secrets”), and some are tales so delightful they will send you to your computer looking for more of that individual’s writing (Judy Copeland, where have you been hiding?). All of these stories are memorable, although as with any anthology, some will appeal more than others, depending on your personal inclinations and interests.

    You can’t go wrong with this book, whether you are seeking to learn how to write from the best or simply seeking a little entertainment on the plane to your next business meeting. This is a great book. Even the editor’s introduction is well done. Now that’s saying something!
  • Chris - Amazing TabletThis tablet is amazing. It's fast and more responsive then any tablet I've tried. The picture is amazing and with the available keyboard the battery last forever.
  • Skeletor's Dad - InvincibleWhen I saw all these reviews I thought, "that is absolutely ridiculous." Wow was I wrong. The reviews don't nearly capture the true power of this shirt. I got fired from my job because every time I would wear it a bunch of crows and wolves would follow me in to the building and so would a bunch of lightning. Plus my hair grows 3 feet instantly when I put it on, no matter how many times I cut it back to a permed mullet. As fast as I can bend down to adjust my crocs, it grows right back. Dont try to cover it up with something else awesome like a Tazmanian Devil Sweatshirt or a chainmail vest, because that will just combust upon making contact with this shirt. And do not buy this if you are not a fan of the conceal-carry laws, because when you put this on a broadsword randomly appears in your hands. I actually put this thing on for the first time in 1982, right after I pulled it out of the 24 karat gold jewel encrusted chest that it came in, and have not been able to take it off since. Have you seen conan the barbarian? ...Based on my life starting the day I put this on.
  • Penny Pinching Polly "Check out my website fo... - Easy to Install & Does Not InterfereI was using a free version of AVG before this arrived. After installing (which was quick, easy & painless), McAfee immediately found several problems that AVG had not found. One of those was a trojan virus.

    I have used Norton in the past, and did not like the constant pop-ups that I'd get while playing games or surfing the web. I have not had any annoying pop-ups with McAfee.

    I will be purchasing the 2012 McAfee when the time comes. I am very pleased with this anti-virus software!
  • IReadInTrees - Amazing, essential book for all relationshipsThe Ethical Slut is incredible!

    I first read The Ethical Slut (first edition) as part of a college course. As an undergrad, I was already well on my way to being a proud slut - I did the usual versions of short-term college dating, hookups, friends-with-benefits, threesomes, and the like, with or without a committed partner at various times. It all felt natural and right, but there were invariably awkward moments of poor negotiation, misunderstood communication, and mis-handled jealousy.
    When I read The Ethical Slut, I found an amazing wealth of information and suggestions on how I could make my various relationships work better and more smoothly. I wished I'd had this book all along - it would have saved so much trouble! If only I'd known that an agreement to "see other people" wasn't nearly complete enough! The Ethical Slut lays out all the things to think about in having open relationships of various sorts. I've been called a slut since I was 14, but it was this book that gave me the idea that being a slut could be a good thing - and now I couldn't be happier with my fabulous life as a proud slut.

    The Ethical Slut is an entertaining, readable, real-life explanation of all the options in relationships. Whether you want to be single or partnered or grouped, poly or monogamous, or whatever else, this book helps you figure out all the possibilities better. It's THE relationship book for anyone who wants more options than a "leave-it-to-beaver" relationship.

    If you're just starting to explore open relationships, or you're even just thinking about it, there's no better place to start than with this book. And if you're already immersed in poly life, it's got the "advanced level" information you need. For those who know and love the first edition, the second edition is definitely worth adding to your collection. There's a ton of new information on the really crucial details of how to make all sorts of poly and open relationships work.

    The second edition now has exercises exercises, taken from Dossie Easton's work as a therapist with poly folks, that you and/or your partner(s) can work on together. I loved the new section on living as a single slut - which makes the point that sluthood and open loving can be an identity that doesn't require a conventional partnership to secure or ground it. It also offers ideas on how to get one's needs met from a network of friends and lovers - useful information for pretty much anyone. The new segments on handling jealousy and conflict are especially good for those of us who have been involved in poly relationships for some time and need the more detailed info, from the voices of experience, to help through the rough spots. I feel like I'm always learning in poly relationships, and every time I go back to The Ethical Slut, there's some tidbit that helps with the complicated, hard, or unexpected parts of a generally fabulous poly life.

    Whether you've read the first edition or not, this is definitely a book you should own. I've read it 3 or 4 times now, and I keep going back to it to check out certain sections that become more relevant as I encounter new poly challenges.

    Rather than offering generalities and theories, The Ethical Slut speaks from many people's experience over many decades. It's the real-life information that you need to make all your relationships amazing!!

    (and, speaking of making sex and play and relationships amazing, check out some of Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy's other books - The Topping Book, The Bottoming Book, When Someone You Love Is Kinky, and Radical Ecstasy!)