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  • Leo J. Gibson - Cain survived the battleFor the reviewer disappointed that Cobb/Cain did not survive the battle to wander the earth in punishment, you might want to re-read the last few pages wherein Meade rides past an unnamed, cackling little bloodstained Southerner being marched off to captivity. And I think you could argue that there was a Cain in each army; Cobb for the South, and the murderous Irishman - who brained the landlord's dainty son out of jealousy and spite - from the 69th Pennsylvania for the North. In fact, the Irishman's background story tracks Cain's more directly. I like all of Peters's work, and this ranks with his best. I finished the book a couple of days ago, but the character sketches and sensory descriptions of battle were so vivid, I find myself reflecting on them throughout the day even now. Is it possible to suffer PTSD from reading a book?
  • Gina Central "GinaCentral" - Worth the money... whether you have issues with odor or notI have not had any issues with odor except after my monthly flow and it would only last a day or two. So I decided to give this a try because I am against douching with chemicals etc. The product works just like it says. Instead of suffering with that after flow odor for a day or two... totally gone period. I have been using it regularly not just after my period as it does make you feel more clean than not using. So you will become addicted to that very clean feeling.

    I do wish the plastic hanger was a little sturdier and adjustable. I am 5ft and with it hanging on my shower I would have appreciated maybe six inches longer to give more room to reach everything. But its okay I can make it work.

    If you have vaginal odor and have been to a doctor for diagnosis and the doctor is not able to help you then give this a whirl. It is exactly as described and does exactly what it says. Money well spent.
  • Carroll C - Does the JobWillMaker Plus is easy to use and guides you through your documents with interview questions that it saves and places in the approproiate blanks. I figure that attorneys must use similar software. You know they don't do each one from scratch as if they never prepared such a document before. Local probate officials here in SC won't say much if you ask whether a will made with purchased softeware is acceptable. But the answer I got told me enough - "You can use the software or you can use an attorney." With that, I bought the software and am glad I did.
  • mythumpa - Norton is the best commercial program in my opinionNorton is reliably the best commercial antivirus we've tried. It catches more bugs and has more features, so is easier to configure to work the way you want it to. Plus the price is very reasonable, it's easy to set up, and works right the first time. They also send regular updates to keep you on top of all the latest bugs out there; apparently there are lots of roaches out there with no friends or love interests, so nothing better to do than try to wreck what they don't have.
  • Kristy Hopf - Not just for women!Lean In is an insightful, inspiring book for women AND men! Sheryl does a great job illustrating the necessity of male involvement in the fight for equality in the workplace. A partnership is required in the workplace and at home in order for women to lead. A book, which begs the question..."can women truly have it all?"