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  • Smedz - Great product!I recently set up a home security system with 4 wireless cameras and a network video recorder. Three of the cameras are stationary while the fourth is the DCS-5222L. The pan/tilt works great and the picture display is excellent. It can be accessed remotely just as advertised. I'm getting ready to add two more cameras and one of them will be another DCS-5222L. I highly recommend this camera.
  • Dee - I'm crazy about this book!This convenient transportable book is absolutely wonderful! Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, this book is for everyone. If everyone used this book, we would have a healthier public. It offers everything you need to know about food, products, and health conditions for everyone's knowledge. A doctor showed me this book, and I went crazy when I looked through it. I even bought one for a gift for a friend, who flipped over it also!
  • Justine Byrne - I love it.This heating pad is huge and can fit along my whole back or nicely wrap around my stomach and then some. My only complaint is that when the pad and charging cord come undone from each other you get an error when you plug it back in until you unplug it from the wall and plug it in again. Not hugely annoying but was not very convenient when I was recovering from surgery. Would recommend and buy again!
  • R.Cittern "Down the Road" - The Last Great Original Album.A follow up of the brillant Wish You Were Here this album is about George Orwell's thoughts of the society stance.This is Pink Floyds last album with Rodger Waters that has great music in it too.Waters lyrics are great in this album better than most other progressive bands.The 1.25 songs Pigs on the Wing start the album with Waters singing a love song about his new wife. Dogs starts the epic part with acostic prerecorded guitar by Gilmour great lyrics to sing to,2nd verse is where the band picks-up with heavy bass and tight guiar licks.As the track sizzles up with some guitar soloing the band gets a diminishing effect with the word stone decaying more and more when repeated.Some new updated synth goes screeching in with Mason behind on drumming.The song builds up again turning into a massive ending with Waters adding "who" to every line of the song and ends with a punchy outro. Pigs is about the rich people,poor people and Mary Whitehouse,a censor person trying to keep smut off the T.V.The song is a dirty white funk cowbell driven piece with some nice piano by Wright. Sheep has got this bombastic feel with Waters screaming his lyrics to the people with a bible verse with some attached lines turning it into a butcher praise. We end with Pigs on the Wing same chord progerssion different words,same time too 1:25.Recommended Wish You Were Here or Brain Salad Surgery by ELP.
  • Michael Crick - Very Effective Stuff!Along with some of the others that have posted reviews here. I as well was given a sample product of this to try courtesy of I tend to get cold sores off and on throughout the year and as luck would have It, I had one occur that gave me the chance to really test this product. I wasn't quite sure as to how well It work or If It would actually stand up to It's "1 treatment" claim. I usually tend to use Herpecin-L Lip Balm, which Is effective at working, but can take several days for the cold sore to finally heal up and go away. I also wanted to see just how well this product did against Herpecin-L.

    After following the simple directions on applying the product, I feel the tingling as It starts to work on the spot of the cold sore and slowly begins to numb the area. The numbing threw me off guard, as I wasn't sure how long It would last and reminded me of that feeling you get at the Dentist when your getting all numb after the shot of Novocaine. Just not as Intense. Luckily, the numbing doesn't last very long. Less then 5 minutes top. I tried to use most of the product, as It states to use the whole tube. There Is no way you will use that much unless your sporting several cold sores. You probably won't even manage to use half of the tube.

    After completing the simple task of applying the product. I played the waiting game and often checked the sore In the mirror for the remainder of the day. I could still see It somewhat, but I didn't feel It as I had earlier. After waking the next morning and looking Into the mirror once again, I slightly saw the sore and you would had never guessed that I just had one the day before. By day's end, you could barely see any sign at all. I was Impressed to say the least and have to give this stuff kudos for working effectively as It claims. Sorry Herpecin-L, you've been replaced.