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  • A. Leonard - I will stick with this one!I ordered this system off of an infomercial. Usually I end up regretting those purchases. However, this is one that I am so happy that I made! The bar is very sturdy and folds compactly to store under my bed. It was also a breeze to set up! I have sciatica and I have no problems getting this out from underneath my bed every morning and storing it there again after my workout.
    As for the workout, I found the beginner to be just a tad too easy for me. I did the beginner segment the first night. It wasn't hard at all. I did break a sweat, but just lightly. The following morning I did the intermediate workout and realized that none of the movements are strenuous. Then I realized...that's the beauty of the program! And to my surprise, I was so sore the next two days so it definitely does work!
    This workout was definitely refreshing. I cannot stand a workout that has you jumping around and putting unnecessary stress on your joints. It seems like a lot of money, but having this system and seeing results to me is worth it. I dont have to go to the gym. This addresses all my needs and keepsme at home!
  • Puppydog58 "Sue" - This is WonderfulI have IBS and severe constipation, after using Align, I am feeling much better, I think is medication is WONDERFUL!